Handy: a new way to care for your home

What if you could have a professional home cleaning service¬† personnel appear at your door tomorrow morning ready to spit shine your home? How would you like a handyman to put together the new IKEA furniture that arrived, but needs assembly? Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need to call around for estimates for a plumber to fix the leaky faucet or the electrical outlet that just blew? That’d be Handy. Exactly. Just install the Handy app, available from the Apple and the Google stores, or visit the website at handy.com.

The 21st century and two friends who met while attending Harvard Business School have provided you with a 60 second, one-click method of locating the appropriate professional in your area. Founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the start-up has grown to more than 200 personnel in 28 cities throughout the world. They vet professionals worldwide so you don’t have to and organize everyone in a handy app so you can choose a maid, handyman, plumber, electrician, or other service personnel quickly and confidently.

According to Janeexplains review, the app and the website feature a secure payment system. Handy offers a 100% money-back guarantee. How did you get so lucky? Well, when Hanrahan was running a real estate business in Budapest, he found out how tough it was to locate talented, dependable professionals to make repairs to the properties. When he later moved to Massachusetts, he discovered the problem exists in the US, too. He and Dua created Handy as a, well, handy solution.

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Raj Fernando’s Most Important Skill in the Industry

Raj Fernando has a lot of skills when it comes to trading. He has to be skilled at what he is doing so that he could succeed. For one thing, it takes a lot of learning so that one could get to the skill level needed to bring forth the results that he desires. However, there is one set of skills that matters the most to Raj Fernando. This set of skills is social skills. This is what Raj Fernando looks at when he is looking for someone to hire. He does not want someone who brings forth drama or is carrying an attitude of entitlement.

Raj is someone who works with humility. He understands that it is a lot of work and dedication that has taken him to the level of success that he enjoys. Therefore, he is happy with the company and his career. However, he is not looking for someone that has a snobby attitude about what he does. He is looking for someone who plays well with others. One of the important things that he tries to make sure is that there is no constant problems among his staff. He understands that a hostile workforce is something that is going to interfere with work.

Raj Fernando makes sure that he hires only ‘A’ players. When he is interviewing someone, he is able to gauge his interest level in working for the company. He is looking for someone who is not just looking to work, but is actually interested in working for the specific company. He is someone who looks at attitude more than he looks at skills. One thing that he likes is someone who is willing to learn about the ways of the company so that he can develop some valuable skills. Raj Fernando is very passionate about a friendly and peaceful environment.

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IAP Worldwide Services Acquires Two Companies

IAP Worldwide Service is an institution that offers global scale facilities management, logistics and advanced technical and professional services. The company currently employs over two thousand individuals in twenty-five nations in the globe. The company is respected for solving the private and public sector demanding challenges.

The international facility specializes on clearancejobs.com in the unexpected situations such as natural disasters and overseas battlefields. Once the company is notified about a certain catastrophe, it gets ready, even without a good notice. The professionals working in this company have a lot of experience in planning, coordinating and carrying out complicated and technical situations that they face. The company is known to maintain, operate and manage military installations on prnewswire.com in civilian facilities, small cities and even remote areas. Customers around the globe say that the workforce flexibility in the company is out of this world.

IAP Worldwide Service has been operating for over sixty years. During these decades, the institution has built its reputation as a reliable and responsible market leader on Facebook. The company has proved to meet and exceed all the customer expectations. The professionals handle any issues affecting the customers, and this is why the company has managed to set itself from the rest.

Just recently, IAP Worldwide Services announced that it had acquired two companies, known as Aviation and Logistics business and Tactical Communication and Network Solutions. Both companies offer aircraft repair management, mission support services, and logistics. One of the institutions provides engineering, communication support solutions and information technology. These unique abilities and talents from the new acquisitions will be integrated into IAP as a long term grown strategy.

According to the management, the new businesses acquired by IAP Worldwide will increase its capabilities to its international customers. The company is hoping that its markets will be doubled in size in the recent future. The two new businesses will be integrated to form one big unit known as Aviation and Engineering Solutions. The unit will significantly benefit the company, enabling it to expand most of its portfolio services and solutions to the international institutions. The company looks forward to introducing these services to their clients.

The management of the company had earlier established a strong business strategy that was based on the organic growth. The plan was introduced through the customer based lean operations, discipline, and innovations in the core government services sector. The acquisition of the two companies demonstrates the tremendous support from the investors and clients of the enterprise. The acquisitions also signify the long term commitment of the institution to the clients.

Richard Blair: Making And Saving Money

A lot of people are faced with huge dilemmas when it comes to their finances. Among the problems that they are faced with is huge debt when it comes to their finances. Their jobs don’t make them enough money to be able to make the payments, pay their bills and have money left over.

As a result, they will find that they are unable to save significant amounts of money for their retirement. This is where Richard Blair comes in. He can provide advice to people of various income brackets. He is able to help introduce them to new concepts that will help them save money.

Richard Blair runs Wealth Solutions, a financial management firm that enables people to save for retirement. As a result of Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions, people find themselves saving a lot more money.

Richard takes time to sit with his clients in order to assess the financial circumstance so that he can help his client come up with a plan in order to not only get back on track towards saving money, but also make a lot more money for his retirement.

According to Wealth Minder and Crunchbase, Richard Blair is someone who stays in touch with the reality of the person’s situation. He will tell the client when he might need an extra source of income.

Richard will introduce his clients to the concept of investing so that they will know how to make the right choices with their money. Among the features of investing is passive income. This is the type of income that is made with very little involvement.

All one has to do is make the right investments. Perhaps the most guaranteed type of profit is a savings account that gains interest. This is where people gain profits over time so that they will eventually be able to retire comfortably.

Richard will help their clients pay off all of their debt. It does not matter if it is student loan debt or the type of debt that they have gained from excessive spending. Among the things that he teaches people is to stay within their means. That is one of the ways to save money for retirement.

The Philanthropy of Eric Pulier

The tech industry is seen as a remote, stuffy, and technical world. Rarely do we associate software giants with socially conscious campaigns to contend with issues like chronic disease and climate change. Then again, we rarely see philanthropists as generous as Eric Pulier discussed. A child prodigy who showed a knack for programming in the 4th grade, it was clear Pulier was going to be a major mover and shaker in the software industry. While many successful entrepreneurs see the tech industry as simply being a place to make the biggest profits possible, Pulier has used his abilities to advance social causes in a way rarely seen.

After his initial success in high school Eric Pulier created a new startup he named People Doing Things. This venture focused on solving problems in healthcare and education using technology to provide answers. Further along in his career Eric Pulier later became involved in the development of Starbright World, the world’s first private social network. Ahead of its time by decades the social network allowed chronically ill children to interact with others dealing with similar diseases. His philanthropy eventually caught the attention of politicians looking to solve even greater problems afflicting the world. In 1997 he was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create a Presidential Technology Exhibition known as “The Bridge Of The 21st Century”. The success of his exhibit eventually led to his participation in the Clinton Global Initiative. He continues to participate in this project even to this day where he focuses on using his technical prowess to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Learn more : http://ericpulier.com

Affordable Housing In Dallas Gets a Funding Boost

Affordable housing is a great way to improve the community. In the largest urban environments, like Dallas, it always seems to be in short supply. Now, Habitat for Humanity has gained a new funding partner to increase affordable housing in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

“Dallas has less than 60% home ownership rate”

The good news is that more than half of all Dallas residents own their home. The Census Bureau estimated that the 2014 Dallas Fort Worth home ownership rate was a mere 56.3%.

The bad news is that this home ownership rate is quite paltry compared to other major cities. Richmond has a rate of home ownership rate above 70%. The United States national average is 64%.

“Affordable Single Family Homes”

For decades, Habitat for Humanity in Dallas has been building affordable single family homes. In fact, it averages about 50 homes per year or about 1 built every week. That is quite impressive. Still, the community would like to increase that number.

And now it can!

NexBank has offered up to $50 million in the next two years to help Habitat for Humanity build more homes. The goal is an impressive 100 – doubling the previous output. How will NexBank accomplish this goal?

“Placing Roof Over Dallas Families

Raising a family can be very expensive. Dallas families might already being stretching their budget to the breaking point to pay for food, clothing and beauty care products. Some low income families have simply not saved up enough to pay for closing costs for their own homes.

The goal is for NexBank to help with closing costs up to $2,000 for Dallas Habitat for Humanity homes. This allows for the charity to reach more people. NexBank and Habitat for Humanity also can increase Dallas home ownership rates.

Four Reputation Management Companies That Will Need Their Own Services Soon

In the reputation management industry, there are many reputable companies and a few bad apples. They are both fairly easy to spot; honest reputation management firms focus on generating positive content that pushes the negative content off the first page of Google’s search results. The dishonest firms claim that they can eliminate unfavorable reviews and news articles from the web entirely. Respectable firms like Online Reputation Reviews may help with eliminating items that violate a website’s terms of service, however, this is rare since Yelp, Angie’s List and other major review websites have filters that flag questionable content before it goes live.
Review websites own the reviews consumers post, therefore if someone posts something on Consumer Opinion LLC’s pissedconsumer.com, the content belongs to Pissed Consumer. An online reputation management firm cannot have the review removed, at least not honestly. Court News Service reports that Consumer Opinion is suing four reputation management companies for a scheme that tricked Google into delisting specific Pissed Consumer reviews.

The scheme was actually very clever; four men in different countries created fake news websites. They would copy a Pissed Consumer review about one of the reputation management firm’s clients and paste it on to one of the news websites using a fake author name. The key was backdating the content so that it appeared to have been created before the original. This allowed the owners of the fake news websites to ask Google to unlisted the review on Pissed Consumer, since theirs appeared first, at least according to the date, on the news website.

Now the online reputation management firm would go to their client and say that they removed the offending content from Pissed Consumer. The review would also be removed from the fake news website, another win for the reputation management firm. The clients who benefited from the scheme claimed no knowledge of the methods used to repair their search results.

Dick DeVos and the Distillery Business

Dick DeVos is an inspiring individual who I recently researched in order to not only learn more of the prominent DeVos family, but to also learn more about Amway Corporation, a network sales company that has grown over the past several decades to be not only international, but also a multi-billion dollar corporation. Dick DeVos has always been inspired by his father, the developer and the co-founder of the family business. Dick DeVos is an individual who has made a name for himself with hard work as well as his leadership. Dick DeVos has dedicated a total of four decades to his business career and has now began to find other activities and endeavors to pursue.


Even at a young age, Dick DeVos has always been interested in business due to the fact that he has fond memories of playing and working in the business environment with both his brother as well as his father. Though the father of Dick DeVos was always hard at work with the developing and expanding of the company, Dick DeVos states that his father always had time to spend time with Mr. DeVos. Even before any formal training, Dick DeVos helped the company where he could by running errands, stocking the shelves, or even giving product descriptions to the clients of the company.


In recent news, Dick DeVos has been able to use his wealth to find new hobbies that have interested him over the years. One hobby in particular that stands out is the hobby of liquor making that Dick DeVos has always been fascinated by. In recent news, Dick DeVos has earned a position as a partner of one distillery in particular that emphasizes not only a great product, but also quality customer service. This distillery has benefited immensely from the generous donations of Dick DeVos and has even expanded to a new facility that is 9,000 square feet and is completed with a tasting room as well as a kitchen.


Dick DeVos’ new partnership has led to the expansion of this distillery which already provides liquors to over 100 different local locations including events and even restaurants. Dick DeVos hopes to continue to grow this distillery and to emphasize the importance of putting time and effort into making an excellent product. As a businessman, Dick DeVos takes any business extremely seriously in order to generate results with what he is involved in.


Wen By Chaz Dean Can Transform Your Hair

Wen hair cleansing conditioners were made by Chaz Dean and his team after carefully designing a product that could provide deep cleaning without stripping the hair of natural oils or needing to be re-applied. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair someone has, regardless of it being oily, dry, brittle, Wen cleansing conditioners will work for all hair types. Bustle Magazines very own Emily McClure wanted to try out the product herself after hearing good things about the Wen hair products.
She was a skeptic, which is her typical way with hair care products with big claims, especially since she has had her fair share of problems with hair. She finds herself with fine and thin hair that can get oily quickly. The WEN hair cleansing conditioners are able to be used with other hair styling products as well, so a total change in routine is not required. Depending on the type of hair and its current issues, the product can have varying times for how long it takes to work, however, Emily McClure found the product showing results in just 5 days. This was an accomplishment for her considering her trouble in the past. Wen is also an all natural product, containing no sulfates or other harmful chemicals.

Because of her quick results with the product, Emily was happy to write to her readers on how much she liked it. Her review detailed her experience using the product for a week, which she also posted before and after photos of how the product effected her hair. Within just a few days she started noticing her hair looking thicker and it feeling better to the touch. What’s more is she noticed less hair fall in the bathroom overall as well. Emily’s experience was enough persuasion to add the product to her regular routine. Check out QVC.com and Wen hair Facebook page form more information. Visit the official website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/.


The Evolution of IAP Worldwide

IAP is a leading global services company that has been operational for over 60 years. It provides a wide variety of services and essential solutions to the U.S. government as well as other international government organizations and agencies. IAP provides seasoned program management services. It also leverages its capabilities to provide innovative, safe and reliable solutions that meet the diverse challenges of its clients.

The company’s corporate headquarters are based in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It operates an additional 100 offices situated in over 20 countries globally. It also maintains operational offices in Panama City, Washington D.C., the Middle East, and the United Kingdom.

What IAP Does

IAP Worldwide provides global-scale logistics as well as technical and professional services. It is also equipped to manage facilities. Today, the company employs over 2,000 professionals in 25 countries and solves some of the most demanding challenges facing private and public sectors.

The company has specialized in engaging the unexpected from overseas battlefields to natural disasters. IAP has enough experience to coordinate complicated technical and logistical services. It has the capability to manage, operate and maintain military installations that cover the size of a city. It also manages civilian facilities and research laboratories.

IAP Worldwide delivers the technologies, program management and people required to meet clients’ flexible workforce needs at a moment’s notice. This has built the company a reputation of efficiency and reliability. With over 60 years of experience, IAP has managed to build a reliable and responsive service delivery reputation that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

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IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

Welcome to the IAP Worldwide Services Talent Network

History of the Company

The history of IAP dates back to 1953 when several pioneering companies pooled resources together to form an entity that eventually evolved over the years to become IAP. In 1989, Pan Am World Services, Inc. started building America’s first space launch base located in Cape Canaveral, FL. Since then, the company has specialized in offering facilities maintenance support that includes engineering services, airport master planning, and construction management.

The next year, Pan Am Services, Inc. was acquired by Johnson Controls and renamed Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc. The new company concentrated on energy efficiency, security systems and offering temporary personnel services.

IAP was founded in 2004 in Irmo, SC, as a specialized procurement and logistics company. Today, the company offers a range of services to its clients including mobile power generation, transportation services, emergency disaster relief and facilities management services. It also runs humanitarian aid projects that help people around the world.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide: http://www.careercast.com/jobs/iap-worldwide-services-afghanistan-192733851-b