Having a Balanced Diet For Man’s Best Friend

A balanced diet is just as important for dogs as it is for people. It helps a dog not only feel good, but look good as well. A dog’s diet needs to consist of the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, minerals, proteins, and water so they can obtain and keep a healthy body. With so many brands and types of dog foods like Beneful out there to choose from, it is not easy to determine what pet food is right for a dog. One way a pet owner can know if the pet food is the right one for them is by observing if their energy level is right, if they produce brown and firm stools, and if their coat and skin are healthy looking. Puppies have a higher need for more nutrition than older dogs do. It is a good idea to feed them a quality puppy food such as Beneful for their first year of life. They need to begin eating soft food, then after a week dry food can be put in the soft food, and, eventually, they can get only dry food. Biting into hard kibble helps keep a dog’s teeth clean. There are four necessary four groups for dogs.

The four essential food groups that a dog needs are: protein, fat, vitamins, and water. A lot of pet food companies use vegetable proteins in the food that they make for dogs. Vegetable proteins are difficult for dogs to digest. A pet owner should purchase a pet food on amazon.com that has mostly animal protein in it. Dogs require a minimum of eighteen percent protein in their diet for maintenance when they are adults and twenty-two percent for growth and reproduction. Do not let a dog eat too much protein as too much of it can cause them to become hyperactive. Fats are important in a dog’s diet to keep their coats healthy and to give them energy. Adult dogs need to eat a minimum of five percent of fat in their diet. When it comes to vitamins, a vitamin supplement will help provide the nutrients that go above the minimum, and they are required to meet a dog’s special needs. Talk to a veterinarian to find what type of vitamin your dog needs and how much to give them on a daily basis. How much water a dog needs depends on how active they are. Also, if they consume a good amount of dry food, they will be very thirsty. A good rule of thumb is to give a dog a quart of water for every pound of dog food they eat. Beneful dog food can provide a dog with all of their essential dietary requirements.

Beneful dog food can provide a dog with all the nutrients and vitamins they need. This pet has real and whole ingredients. Both the dry and wet foods provide all of the nutrition a dog needs. They also have antioxidants in them and omega-rich ingredients as well. Dogs get protein from the variety of meats (beef, chicken, lamb, or pork) and they also have a good amount of vegetables in them (barley, carrots, rice, and green beans), and they also come in sizes for one meal or in resealable containers for more than one meal. With all of these benefits, it is no secret that Beneful is the best dog food.

Beneful Is Taking Their Company To The Next Level

Beneful is a reliable dog food brand that is constantly changing up their brand and design in products to help dogs with their health. What makes Beneful one of the best brands in the industry is how they are handling all of their progress. The brand has received a few critics over the past year or so when they received an allegation that what they offered wasn’t at all healthy. Beneful has been called out for not being healthy enough, but what they have found was that the lawsuit turned the business over its heels and hurt the brand completely. The customers, the fans, and the entire employee base found that with all of their team combined, they can prove to the critics that their food is definitely healthy and worth feeding to their dogs. Beneful remains to be a reliable brand, but the hardest part is not being able to know if the brand still provides top notch of the line service. This new campaign is titled, “I Stand Behind Beneful,” and it is making it a thousand times easier for all of their employees to share how the brand is making huge changes in the industry. The campaign is taking their employees and putting them on the air to help spread more awareness of the brand and get people seeing that their employees rely on this brand for top of the line services. Beneful Is Taking Their Company To The Next Level This campaign is the only way to get people seeing that Beneful is still a good brand. They are changing the way business and growth works. You can rely on this brand for all of the best services and the best dog food that your dog needs. The original article is on PRNewsWire, and it’s reaching news outlets everywhere to spread awareness on the quality on their food. http://www.multivu.com/players/English/7544251-purina-pride-ad-campaign/

Take A Look At Yeonmi Park-North Korean Human Rights Activist

If you needed someone to look up to in the world of human rights activists, the name Yeonmi Park may catch your attention. As a North Korean defector who faced a number of challenges that would deter more timid souls, this young activist has dedicated herself to helping others like her: North Koreans who want to live free lives.

Freedom is an important part of Yeonmi Park’s message. As someone who was a prisoner of state without any freedom to be herself and later “imprisoned” by a man who forced her to be a mistress, freedom is a word that means life itself for this young North Korean defector. Traveling across miles of desert on a freezing cold night in China is no easy feat, but it meant a real chance at life and Yeonmi Park and her mother took it.

While many girls her age may be happy just to be able to live their lives the way they want, out from under the control of their parents, Yeonmi Park is merely grateful to be living her life. This may be one reason that Yeonmi Park has dedicated herself on yeonmi.net to helping North Koreans find freedom as she has.

According to this brave activist, North Koreans live in extreme poverty and without a chance at a real education and under the rule of a cult-like dictator, many are unable to speak up against the injustices that are prevelant in her country. She wants people to know her story to raise awareness for the plight of her people.

Her road to freedom was fraught with terrifying and harrowing experiences, such as the death of her father, the rape of her mother, and being forced to be a deranged man’s mistress, her and her mother’s determination have provided them with a new chance at living a normal and best of all, free life.

While speaking out for freedom and action to help those whose basic human rights are being ignored is not safe for her, Yeonmi Park knows that she has the ability to be a voice for those who have no way of being heard. Yeonmi Park wants people to realize what is really going on in North Korea and to help them understand the ways that North Koreans are being oppressed.

Yeonmi Park is studying criminal rights in South Korea while volunteering for a few activist groups that are dedicated to human rights causes, as well as North Korean refugees’ education. For someone so young who could be spending her time healing from her past, Yeonmi Park’s commitment to human rights for North Koreans is admirable and impressive. At only 21 years of age, she is well on her way to making a difference for her native countrymen and the world.

Why Andy Wirth Is One of the Personalities in Resort Management


Many people across the world have undertaken to pursue different talents in life. As such, this has led to the development of different sporting activities across the world. This sports activities have intern attracted many people who have developed interest in pursuing them to a professional level. Andy Wirth is a renowned sports personality who has invested in skydiving to a professional level. After graduating from Colorado State University in 1984, Andy Wirth started developing interest in skydiving as a sports activity.
As a result, he landed his first employment opportunity at Steamboat. He worked there while developing and sharpening his skills in the sporting activity. His initiative of good management of different resorts in United States of America gave him an upper hand in dealing with different kinds of tourists. This made him to be sought after by many people who wanted his services at their respective resort places to boost sales. In 2010, he moved to Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski areas at Lake Tahoe as the Chief Executive Officer and President. This was a major development in his career as he was going to deal with a wide range of people and services. He appeared on the CBS Show Undercover Boss. This was before his parachute refused to perform correctly and ended up landing in a vineyard outside Lodi in California. After injuring his arm and passing through many surgeries, he returned to duties at Squaw Valley with renewed energy.
After his near death experience, he met with some soldiers in a training session and shared the experience he had encountered. Through sharing ideas, he developed interest in helping the injured soldiers and started a foundation called Wounded Warrior Support. This was a Navy Seal Foundation that ensured donation from well-wishers would be delivered to injured or dead soldiers. The money was also geared towards supporting fallen soldiers families in taking care of the family and educating the children left behind. This impact left many people touched as depicted on this website on how he supported build the fund. https://www.crowdrise.com/wwsupport. He later moved to The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board as the chairman.
This was because of increased experience in the world of tourism and the company wanted to maximize on the income. The company needed new people like Andy Wirth that will bring change and new development in the industry to maximize its operations.

Kenneth Griffin’s Business Life

Ken Griffin is a male born in Florida, Daytona Beach, in 1968. He is one of the top hedge fund managers in the American markets. Ken Griffin is also the founder as well as a chief executive officer of a company called Citadel, a global investment corporation. With an estimated amount of $25 billion in investments Capital, Citadel is one of the largest alternative firms in the world that deal with investment management. Forbes magazine recognized Kenneth Griffin as being one of the top earning people and managers from all the managers in the US and also featured among the Forbes 400.

By May 2015, Ken had an approximated net worth of around $6.6 billion. At the beginning of 2014, he donated about $150 million to Harvard University for the financial aid program of the institution. The donation he has made to various programs, causes and institutions has been equated to around $500 million.

While Kenneth was in his first year at the Harvard University (in 1986), he started trading stock options in the confines of his small dormitory room. Later on in his sophomore year, Kenneth was in the forefront launching convertible bond arbitrage funds. In that year – 1987, there was a market downfall of the stocks where Kenneth made a lot of profits from. When he went back to the university for his final year, he had accumulated an amount close to $1 million of investors’ money from the same technique.

The biggest talent that Griffin ever possessed is not even the analyzing of the market. His main goal was and still is that he is an evaluator of the creations that his brain presents. Some people put all their focus on trading programs that last only a few minutes while others on projects that go for years on end. The inconsistencies apparent in the end wash away.

Kenneth’s company – Kensington Global strategies acquired top honors in the alternative investments rewards because of scoring the highest in terms of returns from risk adjustments, making it perhaps the best hedge fund provider in the world.

Citadel’s inspiration does not come from turning of boys into men, but transforming cash into more money. Citadel Investment Group that was started in a dormitory room at Harvard University, by the amazing trader Kenneth Griffin, has blossomed into one the world’s largest hedge funds, which accounts for roughly a percent of all the activities on trading in New York, Tokyo and London every day.

Situated in Chicago, Citadel currently oversees the management of slightly over $6 billion of different types of investors and investor needs. The company has a character that is similar to its founder – thorough application of quantitative trading methods while combining it with technological advancements. The company has as of now employed more than 15 different strategies that have gone a long way in contributing to the success they are enjoying today.

Citadel has gotten so many benefits from the exceptional profits owed to the earlier ten years, but will also have to take care of emerging problems in the future because of the continued growth it is still facing.

A Few Facts You Should Know About Nobilis Healthcare Inc

As of April 2015, Nobilis Healthcare Inc. announced that it had closed a deal from which it was supposed to receive a $25 million debt finance facility from GE Capital. The facility was to be used in supporting the company in all its growth efforts as well as providing funds for new working capital and also repay all its former debts that include a $12 million seller’s note it received when buying Athas Health the previous year.

With the transaction, Nobilis was sure and confident that it would be able to achieve its goals for the remaining period of the year by reducing to a very large extent its average borrowing costs while at the same time streamlining its capital structure. On top of that, the company was confident that the new relationship with GE Capital would play a very a very incredible role in being a catalyst for its anticipated improved growth in the rest of the year and beyond.

Speaking after the deal closure, GE Capital said that it is specialty in providing such and better capital programs that are aimed at ensuring that its customers are successful in expanding their companies. GE Capital was also looking forward to partnering with the company in the future so that it achieves its goals much easily.

GE Capital belongs to the creme de la creme of US healthcare capital market providers and it has been very instrumental in providing no less than $10.5 billion in 2014 in more than 240 transactions. It has different customers in more than forty-five mini sectors of the health sector that include outpatient services, medical offices, hospitals, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and more. Customers rely on it to produce finance acquisitions, capital support provision and refinancing existing debts. Armed with deep industry knowledge, the company’s professionals are able to come up with financial solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the exact needs of the customer.

On its part, Nobilis Healthcare Inc. is a well-known company on cantechletter involved in the provision of healthcare services in the confines of ambulatory surgical centers and acute care facilities. It owns several facilities in Houston, Dallas, and Arizona.

In October 2014, it made financial announcements for the three and nine months period ending on September 30th the same year. During the time, the company was continuing to experience radical growth and had recorded record revenue surpassing $17 million during the third quarter. The company’s management was happy with the progress and promised that it will remain committed and aggressive in expanding and enhancing existing and new marketing programs.

When making the announcement, Nobilis had made an increase in $9 million as compared to the $7 million of the previous period. It also made a tremendous improvement in matters related to cases attendance that made it possible for the new profits. The company understands very well that every patient needs exclusive treatment and its the precise reason it strives to improve efficiency by having the best staff and facilities. Nobilis has and will continue being a market leader when all matters related to offering the best healthcare services are concerned.

CCMP And Its Late CEO Mr. Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is a private equity firm that is headquartered out of New York City. There are also branches in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and London. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital currently controls about twelve billion worth of funds, which has earned the company a ranking of seventeenth biggest private equity firms in the entire world. Despite being such a large and successful company, CCMP Capital actually only has around sixty employees. With a talented, experienced staff, there is plenty of things that employees of the company can do.

Mr. Stephen Murray was the CEO of the company from 2006 to 2015 and recently passed away earlier this year. He has stepped down from the company only about a month before he passed away in March. Mr. Murray attended college at Boston College, which is located in the same state as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He graduated in 1984. Five years later he finally graduated from business school at Columbia University.

CCMP Capital split off from JPMorgan Chase in 2006. There were about four other splits and acquisitions since the parent company was created. Mr. Murray helped grow CCMP Capital into the large company it is. Mr. Greg Brenneman, the current chief executive officer, is continuing Mr. Stephen Murray’s legacy as the head of the company and continue to grow the amount of money that it is involved with.

Part of the reason as to why CCMP Capital has been so successful is because of the broadly diversified portfolio that CCMP has created and the ability to predict certain market trends. CCMP currently invests in the Bill Barrett Corporation, Hanley Wood, Guitar Center, and Cabela’s, among many other vastly successful companies.

CCMP Capital is one of the best private equity investing firms of its generation. Thanks to the late Mr. Stephen Murray, CCMP became the best businesses it could possibly be.

Yeonmi Park ‘s Exciting Story is Coming Soon

Yeonmi Park‘s story will move you to get your heart racing, bring to tears to your eyes, and motivate you in the same setting. The 22 year – olds’ book, titled, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom makes ecstatic readers want to rush the month of September. It will debut September 29, 2015, the wait is almost over. Admirers cannot contain themselves as they look forward to this raw, factual and yet energizing book. Park’s story is a glimpse into the culture and ways of North Korean society.

This work of anticipation encapsulates Park and her family’s escape from North Korea to South Korea. It is astounding. The harrowing escape is full of hope, sadness and resolve. It’s nothing short of heroism. This book covers her life as a young girl growing up in North Korea, and the societal as well as food restrictions. She explains how they are taught to stifle their emotions and thoughts. Her journey through China’s version of the underground railroad is emotional. Additionally, it delves into her life at age 10 when her family life becomes unsettled and harsh. Her father is jailed for illegally trading goods. Her mother is questioned and jailed for six months for the same reason. She and her sister are forced to fend for themselves.

Now at age 22 Yeonmi Park is sharing her story with the world. She is supported by the American Libertarian a non-profit organization. Park is part of their youth group, Young Voices. Additionally, Yeonmi is starting her own organization. She plans to speak to various groups throughout the world, share her experiences, and her thoughts on freedom. Park says in a speech in Dublin, “When I was crossing the Gobi desert, scared of dying, I thought nobody cares, but you have listened to my story. You have cared.”

Yeonmi Park, a defector from North Korea is thankfully sharing her powerful story. This 21-year-old North Korean defector, turned activist is igniting a conversation about endurance, freedom, and survival through her powerful book. The reader has a life changing book to add to their reading list in September.

Prioritizing Is Important When Hiring Home Cleaning Services

Keeping a home or apartment clean can be a daunting task. A few folks out there might even refer to it as an impossible task. For whatever reason, keeping clean and tidy has never been one of their prime skills. This is why the interior of their dwelling looks so awful. Hiring a cleaning service from techcrunch might prove to be the best way they can keep an interior looking presentable. With limited budget options, anyone hoping to hire a freelancer does need to prioritize the request.

If each room takes a minimum of a half-hour to clean and discretionary income only reflects enough for one hour of cleaning, a little thought has to go into which two rooms need to be cleaned. Let’s say the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom are in awful shape. All four would benefit from a major cleaning. Again, a budget only covers enough for two rooms. Consider it extremely wise to put the bathroom and the kitchen above the other two.

Sure, the bedroom looks awful with all those piles of clothes on the floor. The living room really is a downer as well. The first thing visible when the front door opens is an awful, messy, disastrous living room. Not many people are thrilled to see such a display.

So, why make sure the bathroom and kitchen are cleaned first? Basically, both of these rooms are breeding grounds for bacteria. Bacteria could contribute to staph infections or other woes. Cleaning these rooms takes on greater importance once the health implications are pointed out.

Hiring someone from Handy makes it likely these important rooms are properly cleaned. Handybook is on the path towards altering the way the world looks at accessing home maintenance services. Not too long ago, few people heard of “Handy”. Today, the name garners national attention. Any app on a mobile device that is furthering $1 million per week in commerce is sure to catch people’s notice.

Handy is the brainchild of two Harvard alumni, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. The two men came up with the idea several years ago and, recently, it has taken off. The $12 million in venture capital that has been used to help fund the endeavor certainly plays a major role in the company’s ability to move forward. Thanks to the growth of Handybook, anyone hoping to get a neglected room cleaned up quickly can do so with a few taps on a smartphone.

Once someone has cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, be very careful to keep either from again falling into a state of neglect. This way, the next time a cleaning service is hired. Effort can be directed to the other messy rooms in the residence.

Use Lime Crime to Show Your Independence!

Women use makeup every day in order to cover blemishes and feel as if they are putting their best face forward. Unfortunately, for unique individuals, the color choices available through mainstream brands are fairly select. This is where the company Lime Crime comes in!

Created by the founder, Doe Deere, Lime Crime is made up of a team of makeup enthusiasts from across the United States. Their dedication to creating colors that bring out your inner individuality and cruelty free formulations are to be commended in an era of making the higher dollar.

Russian born CEO, Doe Deere, created an eBay account under the name “limecrime” in order to promote her do it yourself fashion line. In the four years following, she started creating cruelty free makeup in bold and eye catching colors. By 2008, the company Lime Crime, was officially established.

It was this amazing woman’s story that caught my eye. As a makeup artist, I am always on the hunt for new brands, colors, and methods that could expand my palettes and portfolio. Having tried several cheaper brands of interesting colors, I was not particularly happy with their longevity or smoothness in application. Especially when it came to matte lip colors.

Often, lip colors would not go on smoothly, sometimes even leaving chunky and streaky residue that does not blend. Eye shadows would have beautiful, rich color on the palette, but once applied to the skin, even with high quality eye primer, the color was on the transparent side of translucent. Even that once rich color, once applied, turned a vague, pastel like version of the original.

When putting these low quality products under the lights of a photographer or a set for a well lit scene, all of the hard work put into the look is completely lost. This is where Lime Crime comes into my life.

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Lipsticks come in 20 different colors, and is available online at Urban Outfitters, yet none of them being the mainstream pinks, nudes, and reds. They are both cruelty free and made using only vegan materials. It’s nicely opaque color, has a coverage that is amazing and long lasting. The Velveteens line is also cruelty free and made using only vegan materials. These 16 liquid to matte colors, give a whole new name to individuality in style.

Lime Crime’s dedication to uniquely colored eyeliners, make my job as a creative with makeup much more interesting. The ability to really define the colors of both my model’s iris and the palette used on her lids can make or break certain looks. Add to that their selection of glitter, and my artist kit is complete!

From the moment I found it, to this day, I always recommend Lime Crime to anyone looking for unique makeup to suit unique styles and attitudes.