Kieth Richards Featured In Rollingstone Interview

Legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has decided to release another solo album. Richards said that he may even go on tour for his solo project, but he has not toured by himself since 1993. However, it was announced that Keith Richards will tour the world with the Rolling Stones this summer.

Richards was recently interviewed by Rollingstone. The interview was rather interesting, and it revealed that Keith Richards plans on continuing his legendary rock-n-roll career until he dies. Keith Richards said that he wants to take the Rolling Stones as far as possible. However, it may be hard to take the Rolling Stones even further than their legendary glory days of the sixties and seventies. No matter what though, the Rolling Stones are one of the most popular and influential bands on the face of the earth.

The Rolling Stones’ summer tour will see the band fill stadiums and other massive arenas. Many people believe that this will be the band’s last time touring the world, but people should not underestimate the Rolling Stones. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger are in their seventies now, but they still rock better than most young musicians do these days. I have buddy, Dan Newlin, that plans on going to the show with his son so I think it’s safe to say this concert is for the ages.

Original Drummer Of Lynard Skynard Dies


Sad news today on Saturday, April 4th, 2015. The original drummer of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robert “Bob” Burns has been announced dead. Burns died in a single-car car accident, and he was 64 years old. Robert Burns appeared on the legendary band’s first two albums. He will be remembered as the man who played the drums on the classic ‘Free Bird’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ tracks.

Many people think of Lynyrd Skynyrd as one of the greatest bands of all time, but Robert Burns decided to leave the band after their first two albums. However, he did reunite with the legendary band at the 2006 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sadly though, three of the band’s original members died in a tragic plane crash in 1977. It is a shame that the original band members of Lynyrd Skynyrd never got to truly reunite.

It is a bit strange that the four original members of Lynard Skynard died in vehicle related accidents stated Kevin Seawright. Lynard Skynard will be remembered as one of the greatest bands of all time, but they will also be remembered as one of the unluckiest bands as well. The world will miss Robert Burns, and we thank him for his musical contributions. For more information on this story, visit Rollingstone.

Joni Mitchell Suffers from Controversial Morgellon’s

Joni Mitchell collapsed earlier this week which may have been in part to a rare, unconfirmed condition called Morgellon’s. Although many people share the same symptoms as Joni Mitchell, scientists have yet to confirm the existence of this illness.

Symptoms of Morgellon’s include itchy skin, lesions, aches and pains, fatigue and most importantly, fibers coming out of the skin. The fibers have been tested and found to resemble that of clothing. Some doctors feel the patients got fibers caught in an existing scab and erroneously thought the fiber came out of the scab rather than simply getting stuck in it, according to CNN iReport.

36 patients were tested for various mental health issues with only 11 percent showing signs of depression and 63 percent showing a preoccupation with health issues. Currently, patients with Morgellon’s symptoms are treated as mental health patients, not physical health patients. If Morgellon’s is confirmed as a physical health issue then the patients may be able to get some degree of help for their unusual health situation. Until then, patients like Joni Mitchell will continue to suffer from this particular affliction as well as the frustration of being diagnosed with a mental illness.

Chris Brown To Move Baby Mama To L.A.

Chris Brown is already making an effort to be a good father, because he’s paying more child support than any court would require him to pay, and even though he has threatened to reduce it, he has made other arrangements. Chris Brown. It’s said that Chris was informed that the child, Royalty, may be his, but he asked Nia, who is her mother, to keep it quiet. It’s obvious that Nia leaked information about their child to the media, so Chris said he was going to reduce her child support.

Chris has now had a change of heart, and after visiting his daughter several times, he no longer wants to make the over 1000 mile trip back and forth, but he wants me to move Royalty out to L.A. Chris states that he will buy her a house, and pay all the bills, just so he could be close to his daughter. Marc Sparks says that it’s obvious that Nia hit the jackpot with this one, and it looks like a one night stand, has turned into a lifetime of wealth, which is something that many groupies strive for!

No doubt that Karrueche Tran, who is Chris’s recent ex-girlfriend, is hurt by all this, but Nia could care less. Nia used to party with Karrueche Tran, and she didn’t mind sleeping with her boyfriend, getting knocked up, and now obligating his time, as well is his money. Guess it pays to play!

Big Sean Gets Advice from Music Veterans

As Big Sean climbs up the charts with the new album he has gotten a lot of advice from the people in his circle. He is on Kanye’s label, and Kanye has been mentored by Jay-Z from the start. Now Mr. and Mrs. Carter – along with Kanye West – are sharing advice with Big Sean.

When it came to the first single Big Sean was told by Jay-Z and Kanye to release his breakup anthem as the introduction to his new album. Sean didn’t want to release this because he didn’t believe that it was a radio single. Investors did say that it was too explicit. Somehow, it became a big hit despite the lyrically explicit content. The single went platinum and now it seems that there are more hot singles on the way.

The “Blessed” single featuring Drake and Mr. West is already rising up the charts. Sean has a top Billboard album, and people are really drawing in on what he has done for hip hop in recent months. Now that he is dating Arianna Grande he has become well known in the pop sector as well. This has allowed him to transition with a crowd that may not have even recognized him a year ago.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been in the game for a long time. They know what will sell records. This is why their advice is so important for Big Sean.

“Blurred Lines” Lawsuit Is A Loss For Pharrell And Robin Thicke

If anyone was waiting to see what the verdict would be in the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit, Pharrell and Robin Thicke have lost. Pharrell, Robin thick, and T.I. performed the song Blurred Lines, which became the biggest hit of the year 2013.Blurred Lines Lawsuit. The hit was so big, it made well over $16 million, which is nearly unprecedented for a single. The Gaye family heard the song, and felt it had a familiar feel to it, and mimicked one of Marvin Gaye’s songs entitled “Give It Up.”

Although the beat sounds very familiar to the Marvin Gaye song, the trio who helped to create Blurred Lines, refuted that it was a direct copy of Marvin Gaye’s song. The family and the trio of artists went to court, and after many months, it’s been determined that Pharrell and Robin Thicke did take from Marvin Gaye’s song. According yo close to half of the earnings of this single, have been awarded to the Gaye family, totaling $7.4 million.

Pharrell plans to appeal the case, which may end up seeing this case in court for years to come, but for now, the win is for the Gaye family. Pharrell states that he wrote the music on his own, and Marvin Gaye did not own a genre. Pharrell believes the Blurred Lines song is only genre related, not directly related to Marvin Gaye’s song. We’ll see how this will play out in the future.

Musician Couples Who Broke Up After Collaboration

Every once in a while, some of the great musicians of our time find someone that they fall for who also happens to be a musician. Usually, we hear all about the romance and it is all made very public on Then, the couple turns around and thinks that it would be a great idea to do a collaboration which always turn out amazing, making the fans love the couple being together even more. Unfortunately, a lot of these couples break up after the collaboration is released. This means that they are better together making the music rather than in a romantic relationship. Let’s take a look at these couples that could not stay together after the music was made.


  • John Mayer & Taylor Swift: “Half My Heart”
  • John Mayer & Katy Perry: “Who You Love”
  • Kelis & Nas: “In Public”
  • Demi Lovato & Joe Jonus: “This Is Me”
  • Ciara & Future: “Body Party”
  • Jason Derulo & Jordin Sparks: “Vertigo”
  • Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey: “Where You Are”
  • Chris Brown & Rihanna: “Ain’t Nobody’s Business”
  • Brandy & Wayna Morris: “Brokenhearted”
  • Drake & Rihanna: “What’s My Name”
  • Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose: “Never Been Part 2″
  • Ryan Adams & Mandy Moore: “Kindness”
  • Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: “No Me Ames”

Pink Floyd Guitarist Gilmour Announces Solo Album

David Gilmour, former lead guitarist for legendary rock band Pink Floyd, has announced his upcoming solo effort currently in progress. No release date has been scheduled as yet, but the artist told Rolling Stone magazine in an October 2014 interview that the project was moving along well, and he anticipated a 2015 release. Gilmour has a fall tour scheduled for Europe and the United Kingdom, opening with 3 dates in September at Royal Albert Hall in London.

According to Brad Reifler, the guitarists last solo release was 2006’s “On An Island” and he also participated in the recording of “The Endless River” which has been billed as the final Pink Floyd album. The largely instrumental release contains material recorded with former Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and was put together as a tribute to now deceased keyboard player Rick Wright, with Wright having played on the sessions as well. According to Gilmour, “The Endless River” utilized most if not all of the remaining archival material recorded by Pink Floyd.
No title has been announced as of yet for the Gilmour solo effort. A release is expected by fall of this year to coincide with the onset of his tour, which in addition to the London dates will also include shows in Croatia, France, Italy, and Germany.

Stars to Perform At The KCA’s!

While most of us can say that we haven’t seriously sat down and watched Nickelodeon in quite some time (unless you’re a college student who’s getting your second wind for Spongebob), then there’s a good chance you haven’t watched the Kids Choice Awards in quite some time, either. But as Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says, the stars that have just been released to perform at this year’s award show just might change your mind, and reports indicate that’s accurate!

Favorite new up and coming band 5 Seconds of Summer have signed up to perform, as well as their fellow Australian Iggy Azaela. Though, we’re not quite sure just how appropriate Iggy’s songs are to be performed at a kids show.

Both of the performers are up for awards; both of the performers have a nod for Favorite New Artist, and Iggy is also up for Favorite Song of the Year both for “Fancy” and “Problem”.

Luke, Calm, Ashton and Michael be performing a mystery song, and Iggy will be performing “Trouble” with Jennifer Hudson as well. To top it all off, Nick Jonas will be hosting the award show, and will also be gracing the stage with a performance of (the clean version) his song, “Jealous”. With the three names in the lineup, it’s going to be tough to keep the fan girls and guys from not flooding the stage!

The award show will premier on March 28th (only 23 days away!) at 8 pm. Be sure to tune in!

Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” Made A Big Profit

Everyone should know about Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” song, which was the hit of the year for 2013. Although many know the song, and anytime it would play on the radio, you undoubtedly turned up the music, but does anyone know how much it made? Blurred Lines. Unfortunately, record companies like to keep this type of information secret, but because of a pending lawsuit against the makers of the song, the profits from the song was revealed via twitter. The song made an incredible $16,675,690, which is almost unheard of for any single that’s new and running the airwaves. About one third of that went to Pharrell, and another third went to Robin Thicke, while a small portion went to T.I., and the rest went to record companies. The makers of the song, are currently being sued by Marvin Gaye’s family, because the song strongly resembles Marvin Gaye’s song, “Give It Up.” Most people who heard the song Blurred Lines, for the first time, may have thought it was a remix of Marvin Gaye’s song, but Pharrell and Robin deny this. No one can dispute the similarities of the two songs, and it looks like this case may be a losing one for Robin and Pharrell. The amount of money that was made on the song is relevant, because damages may have to be paid to the Gaye family, so each person involved with the song, may have to pay damages.