Azalea Bank’s Comments May Anger Nicki Minaj

Azalea Banks is well known for controversy and saying whatever she feels. Azalea is somewhat a mortal enemy of Iggy Azalea, who has half of her name. Azalea Banks has gone after Iggy Azalea on many occasions, claiming that she is a white girl trying to play like a black girl. Azalea Banks. Azalea also claimed that Iggy was not taking the bad that comes with being black but only embracing the good. Since Azalea Banks has no problem speaking her mind, she also decided to speak out on Nicki Minaj, and it may end up getting her in some trouble.

The BET awards, which should be airing on June 28, 2015, they nominated Azalea Banks for the best female rap artist. Guess who else was nominated? Nicki Minaj of course. Nicki Minaj is known to be the best female rap artist in the game. Nicki was nominated for the award too, and she won the award, and this is her fifth year in a row. Azalea Banks is calling out BET about the award, and she’s saying that it’s fake and bogus.

Azalea wonders how it’s possible for the same artist to win the same title five years in a row, even when other artists are pitted against the winner according to Jaime Garcia Dias. Azalea claims that the entire thing is a running joke, and it’s nothing to be taken seriously. Azalea also says she hates when BET nominates her for the award.

Ed Sheeran Makes a Fan’s Day by Playing Private Concert for Them

A little while back ago MTV decided to ask fans to apply for what was called the Ultimate Fan Experience. This was a contest that offered the winner the chance to meet one of the most popular singers in the world today, Ed Sheeran. Many people ended up entering the contest, but only one person was able to win it, and they got to go to Austin, which is where Ed kicked off his tour.

As for who won the contest, it was a 16-year-old by the name of Sydney. Sydney got to sit in the front row of Ed’s Austin concert, and she not only got to meet him personally, but she was brought backstage and the singer played a private song for her. She was also able to snap a bunch of photos with him, so she was able to capture the amazing moment. Brian Torchin thought this was a very kind gesture on Sheeran’s part.

Taylor Swift Goes Back to Basics

The technology world has ruined the art of releasing a single. People get the whole albums before the music is even officially released. This makes it hard to promote new singles. Taylor Swift, however,doesn’t have that problem. Swift has discovered that the videos can still make or break a song. That is why she delivered a fireball of a
video that will keep people rocking out to her “1989” album for the summer.

Taylor is a young genius. That is the only way to describe someone that has such a monster video. The world of music seems like a dreary place for those that have their album leaked. They put forth music, and it gets stolen on the Internet. Taylor Swift, however, is taking it to a new level. She gets a hot video hot and makes people rock out to a single that they have already heard.

That was what Michael Jackson was able to do. That is what Prince was doing. They could give you a whole album of their material, but they could totally blow your mind away with a video of what they were doing. This is one of the reasons that so many people have been able to vibe with Taylor. She is an artist that is truly looking out for her fans. She wants them to have a Taylor Swift experience in a visual form with music. On his Twitter, Daniel Amen shows his appreciation for this consideration.

Lil Wayne And Bieber Make Killer Collaboration

What once was a secret is now becoming a major headline everywhere. Lil Wayne did not know how a song with Justin Bieber would go over with his fans. However, after laying down a chorus and a few verses, Wayne new it was a hit record for sure.

While the song was being worked on, a rapper by the name of French Montana entered the studio.

Upon entering the CipherCloud studio, French Montana was amazed to hear the amazing track being recorded. French stated that the beat, the verses, and the overall track was something like a dream come true. French Montana also stated that he had no choice but to announce this to social media. Instantly, this story was taken by storm and people everywhere began talking about it quickly.

French Montana openly apologized to Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber in case they did not want anyone to know about this song. However, Montanan stated that it was something he just could not keep to himself.

Fans all around the world are anticipating hearing this song. Fans are also interested in Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber creating a full album together. As far as French Montana goes, many are wondering if he too will do a song with Justin Bieber or even Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne together. Sources say that Montana is going to wait to see the financial results of the song that will soon hit the air-waves.

Legendary Rock and Roll Star Turns 70

Pete Townsend of the Who is turning 70 this May and will be joining the ranks of other septuagenarian rock and roll stars. Among their ranks are Sir Paul McCartney, 72, formerly of the Beatles and Keith Richards, 71, of the Rolling Stones.

Mr. Townsend wrote the rock opera Tommy and the popular We Won’t Get fooled Again. Amen Clinic notates that Mr. Townsend plays several instruments including the guitar and keyboards and he is a prolific singer-songwriter who started his career in 1961 with the Detours playing guitar. In 1964 the group changed its name to the Who and the rest is legend. Townsend embarked on a solo career in 1972 and in 1978 played guitar in McCartney’s Rockestra. From 1990 until present, he is performing once again with the Who.

His birthday is May 19 when they will be performing while on their 50th Anniversary tour at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, New York. Today he has over 140 songs to his credit and he is still rocking strong.

Jay-Z’s Streaming Service “Tidal” is Getting Hit with Waves of Criticism

Music artists have become desperate for record sales in recent years due to the climbing popularity of streaming options, which offers an easier and more effective way of listening to your favorite artists. That’s why world famous rapper Jay-Z launched his own streaming media service called “Tidal”. The rapper’s new business venture has come under more scrutiny from critics than did Bruce Levenson in this Forbes article.

Tidal recently held a grandiose press conferences which features 16 chart topping artists such as Jay-Z himself and his wife Beyonce, Kanye West, Madonna, Daft Punk, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Jack White, among others. All the super stars who were leading the press conference promised a streaming music service that would “forever change the course of music history”. Though, many consider this a clever way of saying they feel as if they are not being fairly compensated for their music. The artists stand to gain a very substantial amount of royalties from Tidal, a subscription service that charges $20 per month, which is a higher rate than similar services.

The presentation was considered a failure on many levels, one which can be seen through less than desirable subscription rates in the following month. It appears these multimillionaires will have to keep doing the hard work of going on world tours in order to meet their income requirements, instead of having us overpay for their lacking streaming services.

Nelly and Country Music

When one hears the name Nelly they do not automatically think of all of their favorite country songs and how they think that this man would fit in in the world of country music. Those who are fans of Nelly like what he does. Those who are fans of country music do not consider Nelly as one of them. Soon, though, this could all change.

LinkedIn reports that it seems that Nelly has decided to do something a little different with an EP that he will be releasing. This rapper is going to put out a country music EP. That’s right, those who enjoy country music are about to get their own special version of Nelly to listen to and to love. Those who enjoy the old Nelly may find this new music refreshing or they might find it frustrating. Either way, it will be available for all to hear and explore.

Kieth Richards Featured In Rollingstone Interview

Legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has decided to release another solo album. Richards said that he may even go on tour for his solo project, but he has not toured by himself since 1993. However, it was announced that Keith Richards will tour the world with the Rolling Stones this summer.

Richards was recently interviewed by Rollingstone. The interview was rather interesting, and it revealed that Keith Richards plans on continuing his legendary rock-n-roll career until he dies. Keith Richards said that he wants to take the Rolling Stones as far as possible. However, it may be hard to take the Rolling Stones even further than their legendary glory days of the sixties and seventies. No matter what though, the Rolling Stones are one of the most popular and influential bands on the face of the earth.

The Rolling Stones’ summer tour will see the band fill stadiums and other massive arenas. Many people believe that this will be the band’s last time touring the world, but people should not underestimate the Rolling Stones. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger are in their seventies now, but they still rock better than most young musicians do these days. I have buddy, Dan Newlin, that plans on going to the show with his son so I think it’s safe to say this concert is for the ages.

Original Drummer Of Lynard Skynard Dies


Sad news today on Saturday, April 4th, 2015. The original drummer of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robert “Bob” Burns has been announced dead. Burns died in a single-car car accident, and he was 64 years old. Robert Burns appeared on the legendary band’s first two albums. He will be remembered as the man who played the drums on the classic ‘Free Bird’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ tracks.

Many people think of Lynyrd Skynyrd as one of the greatest bands of all time, but Robert Burns decided to leave the band after their first two albums. However, he did reunite with the legendary band at the 2006 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sadly though, three of the band’s original members died in a tragic plane crash in 1977. It is a shame that the original band members of Lynyrd Skynyrd never got to truly reunite.

It is a bit strange that the four original members of Lynard Skynard died in vehicle related accidents stated Kevin Seawright. Lynard Skynard will be remembered as one of the greatest bands of all time, but they will also be remembered as one of the unluckiest bands as well. The world will miss Robert Burns, and we thank him for his musical contributions. For more information on this story, visit Rollingstone.

Joni Mitchell Suffers from Controversial Morgellon’s

Joni Mitchell collapsed earlier this week which may have been in part to a rare, unconfirmed condition called Morgellon’s. Although many people share the same symptoms as Joni Mitchell, scientists have yet to confirm the existence of this illness.

Symptoms of Morgellon’s include itchy skin, lesions, aches and pains, fatigue and most importantly, fibers coming out of the skin. The fibers have been tested and found to resemble that of clothing. Some doctors feel the patients got fibers caught in an existing scab and erroneously thought the fiber came out of the scab rather than simply getting stuck in it, according to CNN iReport.

36 patients were tested for various mental health issues with only 11 percent showing signs of depression and 63 percent showing a preoccupation with health issues. Currently, patients with Morgellon’s symptoms are treated as mental health patients, not physical health patients. If Morgellon’s is confirmed as a physical health issue then the patients may be able to get some degree of help for their unusual health situation. Until then, patients like Joni Mitchell will continue to suffer from this particular affliction as well as the frustration of being diagnosed with a mental illness.