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Introducing // Jesse Denaro

1.      Tell us a bit about you?

 I am Jesse Denaro. I grew up in Monroe, NY, a little suburb north of New York City. I grew up in a musical home; my Mom playing piano and my Dad playing drums. I started my musical career when I was in 6th grade, I played “Sweet Home Alabama” with my best friend Matt for about 2 hours. It is a hilarious memory. From there, we realized music was more fun than hockey & football, so we started writing songs and playing “shows” (heavy quotations on that). As we got older we began writing on our own, developing our style and playing out more. It was cool to see how we developed together and then were able to stand on our own and create music we enjoyed. From that day in 6th grade forth, I have just been making music, and it has been awesome.

 2.    Describe your music the best you can, to someone who’s never heard of you?

I would say it is in the middle of John Mayer, City & Colour, Death Cab For Cutie and Third Eye Blind. It’s kind of hard to explain with a simple genre, but these are the comparisons I get most often.

 3.      Where can we keep up with you?

You can keep up with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & my Website! Links below:

Facebook www.facebook.com/JesseDenaroOfficial

Twitter / Instagram - @JesseDenaro

YouTube www.youtube.com/JesseDenaroMusic

Website www.jessedenaromusic.com

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NEW VIDEO: Hugo Race - Orphans

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NEW VIDEO: All I Need - Shellshock Lullaby


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Introducing - Pulse Mavens


Bursting onto the scene just last year, Sydney band, Pulse Mavens have already released an EP and a debut music video and are certainly a band that should be on your radar! We caught up with lead singer Kait Hudson to find out the ins and outs of PULSE MAVENS!

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NEW VIDEO: Silver Snakes - Sundance

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NEW VIDEO: Hands Like Houses - A Tale Of Outer Suburbia

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NEW VIDEO: Divide & Conquer - Superheroboy

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Live Review: Bad Rabbits @ South Cellar, Southampton (11/05/13)

Straight off the back of supporting Don Broco on their UK tour, Bad Rabbits took their own lap of Great Britain with Glaswegian pop-rap five piece The Lafontaines.

Local support for the evening came from Elements and Maybe Neverland who both pulled off interesting sets. Since their new vocalist Graham Rogers settling in, Elements have moved away from their blatant pop-rock sound and turned towards something a little funkier. There was still a strong echo of the current Brit-rock scene, but Elements are definitely setting the tone for something new.

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Interview // Nine Sons Of Dan

Gold Coast band Nine Sons Of Dan are releasing a new EP titled ‘Follow The Blood’ tomorrow and are touring nationally with the release of this EP. It seemed like no better time than the present to catch up with them for a quick interview – here’s what bass player Wil Edgar had to say;


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