Healthcare Recruitment Counselors CEO Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin treats physical pain from injuries associated with sports and vehicle accidents along with neck, back and shoulder pain. He also treats headaches and misalignments that develop from everyday living. He has a practice on 2800 W. Dauphin St. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Torchin also runs his own Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) agency. He is the president and CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors LLC located at 1315 Walnut St. Suite 619, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107.

Torchin believes preparing individuals to work in the medical field is crucial. He does this through job advising, job appointment, verification of employees, and medical staffing operational goal. In other words, he works with qualified individuals to help them get a job. HCRC organizes interviews and helps every medical professional get a job. HCRC analyzes the current job market, contacts references and draws up contracts. Healthcare Recruitment Counselors LLC works with medical professionals in all 50 states along with Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Torchin, himself, specifically searches for outstanding chiropractors to help those who have back pain. This is because he has worked as a chiropractor. Torchin earned a bachelor of science in Exercise Science at the University of Delaware. In 1995, he graduated New York Chiropractic College with a DC, Chiropractic degree. He is a healthcare professional who specializes in physical therapy and sports medicine. He opened up a practice in Pennsylvania, but later on decided to expand on it.

Brian Torchin has a history of starting up and managing healthcare offices in Delaware, Florida, and in Pennsylvania. Eventually, Torchin began to staff his offices with MD/DC/PA and PTs. This provided the foundation to create Healthcare Recruitment Counselors LLC. He is a National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters Member and American Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters Member too.

Carl Wright of Wright Partners says, “Brian is straight-forward, honest, and reliable and knows how to use persistence to get things done. He’s driven, thorough and is a strong decision maker. He’s also a lot of fun to work with.”

NutriMost Is Not A One Size Fits All Diet Plan

NutriMost is a popular diet plan that is quickly growing in popularity and with good reason. They understand that pulling a diet plan out of a box is not going to really work. Instead of prescribing a one size fits all plan for each of their customers, they develop individual plans for each person. Under this plan, most people lose an average of five pounds of fat a week.
Nutrimost understands that it is important to treat the underlying causes and also the health issues that is caused by being overweight. They use state of the art technology to determine what the body needs to get back into balance. It is the lack of balance of the body which causes us to gain weight. Once the body is balanced, it will function properly and the fat will begin to melt away.

One of the great things about is that no medication is given to aid in the weight loss. There are also no meals that have to be bought or certain exercises that need to be performed. Instead, people are educated about their bodies and what their bodies need to function in a healthy manner. Patients are also taught how to maintain their weight. There is no gaining the weight back after the program is over. All plans are developed with the assistance of a doctor, which is another plus about this diet plan.

NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds


Keeping it Simple with Marc Sparks

According to Crunchbase, Marc Sparks is a budding serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist in Dallas, Texas. He is widely popular in the investment banking sector due to his business acumen and role at Timber Creek Capital. He founded Timber Creek a decade and a half ago, and the firm offers full board entrepreneurial services to other capitalists.

However, Marc Sparks didn’t just mushroom out and become the legend he is today. There’s a very inspiring life story that speaks of his will and determination to make something positive for his life. Marc believes in focus since life can be as derailing and frustrating as a business. Also, one cannot afford a distraction as it leads to loss of concentration in life.

In his new book, “They Can’t Eat You”, Marc narrates an unusual story of his humble beginning to his current status. He describes how he overcame his poor academic performance and lack of self-belief and turned his fortunes around. Overall, faith contributed so much to his elevation and acknowledged the Christian foundation that he grew up around. The same Christian values lead Marc today as he mentors the youth.

There’s a biblical teaching citing that whoever receives a favor or a blessing also receives the responsibility to show similar virtues to other people (read the story at: Marc’s belief in this scripture informs his charities and philanthropic investments. Some of these charities include Habitat for Humanity, The Samaritan Inn, and the American Can Academy. All these initiatives give solace to underprivileged youths.

In his role as an innovator, Mr. Sparks assists other entrepreneurs to incubate and improve their business ideas according to He believes a business plan must be as unique as the DNA in human beings as that makes the emerging business stand out from the rest. After this mentorship, Marc also provides startup capital for these entrepreneurs and becomes a strategist to guide their way up. Eventually, a successful startup becomes a source of profits for Marc. This kind of investment is known as venture capitalism.

Marc’s emphasis on high efficiency makes him adopt great business strategies. You will also be amazed by his attention to detail. For instance, he shifted the Timber Creek offices to a new location to maximize on space and develop a conducive environment for innovation and incubation –

It’s said his venture capitalism has led to the development of dozens of enterprises including Blue Jay Wireless, Cobalt Real Estate, and Uncle Marc Food Delivery.

Elsewhere, Marc also runs the Spark’s Kids Foundation, and he reaches the younger generation with his life story. He encourages children to have bug dreams, have faith and believe in their talents and abilities. If Marc Sparks can do it without excellent academic papers or a degree, then anybody can make it in business.

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Women Can Wear Fabletics Instead Of Pressed Dresses

Women can wear Fabletics instead of pressed dresses if they want, and they will have a chance to slip into something that is easy if they want to. The whole point of Fabletics on is that it is going to be easy to wear, and it is easy to take care. Bustle had a look at Fabletics because they wanted to know what the big deal was. They immediately noticed that people are going over to Fabletics because they identify with Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson is a gorgeous actress who looks good whenever she is photographed, but she does not always have enough time to look perfect. She wearing the clothes from the Fabletics brand that she started, and she is wearing them because they are easy for her to manage. She has kids, and she has things to do when she is not working. Her life is hectic, and she has said many times that she does not want to waste time getting ready because that is just not her.

Fabletics has a line of athleisure that women can put on when they are at the gym, and it will take them anywhere. It is really hard for people to make sure that they can look great on because getting dressed at the gym is hard, but getting dressed at the gym is easier when women have Fabletics in their bag. The clothes are made of soft fabrics, and they stretch so that people will be able to get into them without any trouble. That kind of fabric feels nice on, but it still makes a nice silhouette when women leave the gym.

The Fabletics brand is marketing to all the women who are going to the gym when they have that tiny space of free time that helps them get out of the house. They do not have time to get into a ball gown but they can look really cute when they dress in Fabletics at the gym. The dresses, skirts and tops look great, and they work with anything. Every working woman’s time is saved with the help of a few Fabletics pieces.

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Venezuela returns to “normal” time

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced late last week on that the country will do away with a half-hour time change that had been instituted by then president Hugo Chavez The measure was introduced in 2007 to allow children to wake up for school in daylight.
The country will now return to its standard time, four hours behind GMT, according to a Reuters report. The move comes in an effort to save energy, adding daylight to the evening when the most energy is used.

The country has had a severe drought that has had a bad impact on the Guri reervoir that produces two thirds of Venezuela’s electricity. Electricity, as well as water, are in short supply and outages of both are frequent. The change will start on May 1.

As the country struggles with power and money, Maduro has also rationed energy at malls, and has encouraged women like Ms. Norka to use hair dryers and other appliances less often. Falling oil prices have also had a crippling effect on the nation’s economy, which makes the drought even worse.

Maduro says the drought is to blame for the energy crisis. Critics say it is because the country made a lot of bad decisions over the years, including becoming too dependent on one energy source. Ironically, Venezuela has huge oil reserves, but relies on water power to produce electricity. Water and electricity being in short supply has made the recession worse for many.

Venezuelan Marble Exports

Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA faces new difficulties as U.S.-French oil contracting firm Schlumberger Ltd. said they will seriously reduce their operations because of issues with payments. Despite stating that they are still very interested in future projects in Venezuela, the multi-national firm has indicated arrangements that according to analyst Davis Osio will have to be made to take care of existing accounts.

Likely to impact Venezuela’s ability to maintain production levels, and exacerbate the ills the country is experiencing as a result of the worldwide decline in oil prices, other avenues must be explored says Osio to bring revenue into the country. The Venezuelan Government has announced that they are following the path of forming a partially private enterprise to export marble (which is plentiful in the northern regions of the country) to various Caribbean nations. It is hoped that this venture will make some dent in the alleviating the lack of international trading currencies that the country has struggled with.


Here’s Why Thousands Of Small Businesses Trust White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has been around since 2011 – Since its inception 5 years ago, the company has helped thousands of small businesses improve search engine performance and increase traffic to their websites.

One of the reasons so many clients rave about this company is because of their commitment to excellence. Their number one priority is to deliver results while also providing the best customer service in the industry. If you aren’t happy, they aren’t happy.

White Shark Media is truly unique in the sense that they believe in earning your business month after month. Most digital marketing agencies require their clients sign long term contracts or at minimum pay a retainer fee for any services they might use.

White Shark Media doesn’t operate this way. With them there are no long term contracts or retainer fees. If they don’t deliver results you are free to leave. This means you will always get the best return on your investment.

Can White Shark Media Help Your Business?

White Shark Media has helped businesses in a variety of different industries including doctors, lawyers, pool services, real estate agents, ecommerce stores, driving schools and catering services just to name a few. Based on their track record, there is a good chance they can help your business too.

To find out, visit their website and request a free AdWords evaluation from one of their experts. During this risk free assessment a trained specialist will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as far as your current online marketing strategy goes.

They will share with you what they would do differently as well as how much it would cost for you to implement said changes. Once the evaluation is complete you can either choose to hire White Shark Media or implement the changes on your own. Either way you will walk away with a new found understanding of how you can get the most out of Google AdWords.

How To Learn More About White Shark Media

If you are interested in learning more about White Shark Media, visit them online at While on the site you will be able to check out the various services they offer, watch video testimonials from satisfied customers and schedule a free evaluation.

You can also reach White Shark Media by calling 305-414-0196.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with everything that’s going on with the company.

George Soros Talks About China’s Economic Transitions And Its Impact On The Global Economy

Over $2.5 trillion had already been lost in global equity and stock markets by the end of this year’s first week. The situation in the Asian stock markets was much worse and led to a day closure of operations. China’s economic transition brought all the loss in the world markets. China is currently the world largest economy, a success which it owes to its production and manufacturing sectors. These sectors helped this country grow in its trade to be the leading trading partner for mist nations ahead of the United States and the Great Britain.

In 2015, China resorted to using a new economic model on whereby the country will rely on its services and consumption sectors for its economic growth. But this shift has not been easy in both China and the rest of the world. The worst effect of this economic transaction on China itself is the continuous devaluation of its currency. The Chinese yuan has been steadily devaluing affect most of its trading partners economy all over the world. Third world countries most of which traded with China have been having increased interest rates for the better part of 2015s last quarter into the new year.

George Soros is a world renowned philanthropist, economic analyst and business person well known for his Soros Fund Management business outfit. George Soros says that the effects of an economic crisis created by the Chinese economic transitions are a replica of the 2008 global crisis. He adds that this economic transition has easily spread throughout the globe due to the Chinese heavy international trading networks. George Soros adds that the collapse of some stock markets, particularly in Asia, signify that this crisis is much worse than it was thought to be.

George Soros says that this Chinese transition crisis threatens even stronger economies in Europe and North America. Europe already has the Greece debt issue and the Syrian and Ukrainian crisis to deal with. George Soros agrees that it would be a big burden for European economies to avoid swiftly the bad effects of this crisis such as those seen in Asia. For the United States, though the crisis has not had a major effect on the economy yet, its impacts are now felt. George Soros says that the surging volatility index in U.S this year shared the same situations as those of 2008.

George Soros, who is the founder of Open Society on, an international human rights charity and Soros Fund Management a world leading hedge-fund firm says that all nations should seriously address the current global economic state. He says that this would, at least, make sure that the situation does not get worse like the 2008 situation. George Soros, who made a big $1 billion catch on the 1992 U.K. pound devaluation bet, urges the European Union to forge a strong force of unity to pull through this hard economic times.


Which of Beneful’s Dog Food is Best for Your Pup?

Many people spend a long time in the dog food aisle. They wonder, which should they buy? Which food is healthy and delicious for their dog? One common misconception people hold is that dogs are carnivorous, and they shouldn’t eat anything with vegetables or fruit in it. This isn’t true! You want to select a food with a healthy blend of meats and vegetables, that your dog will also love. Thankfully, Beneful is a company driven to producing high quality dog food. They produce many different types of healthy blends of kibble for you to choose from and your dog to enjoy.

Beneful Originals

Beneful Originals is Beneful’s main line of dry dog food: This type comes in three different flavors to select: beef, chicken, and salmon. Each flavor is then enhanced with different types of vegetables. If you’re looking for a regular, good old dry kibble for your adult dog, this kind is highly recommended.

Beneful Healthy Puppy

If your dog is still a growing, hungry puppy, you might try Purinastore product Beneful’s Healthy Puppy. This blend is a dry food made with chicken, carrots, and peas. The delicious kibble is also rich in calcium and protein, which is perfect for growing puppies who need all the nutrients they can get.

Beneful Incredibites

For smaller breeds of dogs like Chihuahuas or Dachshunds, Beneful now has their Incredibites dog food. Beneful’s Incredibites comes in five different varieties- two dry food, and three wet food. This food is chopped down into small bites that are packed with protein, perfect for your little buddy to eat

Beneful Chopped Blends

Some dogs can be finicky with dry food. In this case, you might try switching them to a wet food. Beneful’s Chopped Blends is their main line of wet dog food. This food comes in many different varieties of meat, including beef, turkey, salmon, and lamb. The main meat is blended together with all sorts of vegetables so your dog can get all the nutrients he or she needs.



Tens of Thousands Download From Securus

Securus Technologies has cemented its position in the world of corrections and law enforcement as the premiere IT solutions provider with unique services and products all across North America. While they focus mainly on assisting the criminal justice system, Securus also provides accommodations to inmates to better their options for communicating with their families and loved ones.

After releasing their Video Visit app to the public Securus has experienced 60,000 downloads through various Android marketplaces in the past six months. Since it’s been distributed through Apple’s App Store, it has been downloaded 5,000 times. The combined 65,000 downloads exceeded expectations of the company and demonstrates the need for such technologies in correctional facilities.

Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Securus Technologies, the purpose of this app is to prioritize communication through the Internet, allowing inmates to communicate from correctional facilities to family members regardless of where they are. This takes the concept of visitation from the restrictive environment that requires a face-to-face meeting by providing options to family members that does away with the time and monetary constraints that can burden them, making visitations more infrequent.

Video Visitation lets families access the app with an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or the many mobile platforms that run on Android’s mobile operating system, allowing them to engage in video chats with inmates with a wider window of communication. This provides an ease of communication that surpasses the simplicity of traditional inmate phone calls, providing more meaningful and intimate conversations that could only be achieved with meetings in person through a method that would otherwise be denied to them. Despite the incentive for good behavior this has within correctional facilities, it is beneficial for users of the app. Using the app allows one to communicate without the need of a traditional computer, software or any connecting accessories to video chat. The app also allows users to sync it with other applications on users’ mobile devices, and can connect either through traditional data packages and through Wi-Fi connections. Download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has provided tech services and products to over 3,400 correctional facilities and law enforcement bodies across North America, impacting the housing and policing of more than a million inmates. They are also instrumental in providing solutions to investigations and monitoring, and communicating information between agents of the criminal justice system and providing information to local communities to better public safety.

Securus Techonologies is a completely separate entity than the Securus supplement and the Securus America website.