Glenn Beck’s Paranoia – And Anti-Semitism – Are Nothing New To George Soros

When Glenn Beck called George Soros “The Puppet Master,” in the midst of his two-part ‘exposé’ on Fox News, it was a new low for Beck, but for Soros, the attack was nothing new. Soros, the Hungarian-American businessman, investor, and philanthropist, has weathered similar attacks from the Hungarian far right for years.

During his television program, Beck leveled a number of charges at Soros, among them that he is behind global conspiracies and has been behind the downfall of numerous governments. He also implied that Soros was, in fact, plotting the downfall of the United States government. These claims, when made against Jewish people, are typically seen as coded anti-Semitism. Worse, Beck stated that George Soros Nazi, a Jewish person himself, colluded with the Nazis during World War II against his own people. These charges were false; in reality Soros, who was 14 years old at the time, worked as a messenger for the Budapest Jewish Council in Hungary. When he was sent to inform fellow Jews to report to collection points, he instead urged defiance against the Nazi machine. After the Nazis were defeated, Soros continued to fight against the oppressive Communist regimes in Europe that took their place.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Beck’s arguments against Soros – that Soros is anti-Semitic himself, or an enemy of the state of Israel – rely on out of context quotes and implied lies. Beck’s sensationalist claims against Soros, made with scant evidence and relying on specious reasoning, have been denounced by The Jewish Anti-Defamation League but also by publications like The Nation and Reason, traditionally conservative and libertarian outfits whose political views Beck claims to represent. Perhaps Beck’s most egregious statement was that Soros “helped send Jews to the death camps,” though he also misrepresented by omission that many of the revolutions Soros gave support to were against communist dictatorships.

The Nation, a conservative website of note, characterized Becks attack on Soros as “one of the most virulent and dangerous sorts of accusations of which there is record.”, a libertarian website, accused Beck of a ‘Ridiculous Misreading” of Soros. If Beck had been looking for a reaction with his program, he certainly got one, though perhaps not the one that he had intended.

Soros, for his part, ignores these types of attacks. He enjoys his status as an outsider and takes pride in not belonging to any clubs or associations. He has heard attacks like Beck’s for years, both in the United States and in his native Hungary, and he doesn’t care. Perhaps this is because he has dealt with numerous hate groups, both fascist and communist, his entire life. After surviving as a Jew under Nazi rules, attacks like Beck’s don’t have the same sting they might to other people.

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Brad Reifler : Investing for the Rest of Us

No matter how large or small the portfolio. every investor has the same goal. He or she wants to turn a profit as often as possible, while at the same time avoiding situations in which one loss is followed another and another.

According to Brad Reifler, chief executive officer of Forefront Capital, successful investing poses challenges to average middle-class investors. Financial houses are focused on large investors. Furthermore, government regulations limit investments for small investors. For example, most cannot buy into public or hedge funds. They are barred from some markets like commodity futures. In short, the average person is under served by the financial community.

In a recent article published through Reuters, Reifler offers the typical middle-class investor some valuable tips.

  • Include several kinds of investments in your portfolio. Don’t just buy stocks. Any investment involves some risk, so you must keep safety firmly in mind. Diversifying reduces investment risk.
  • Develop a clear set of investment goals. That way, you know what you want to achieve. This enables you to monitor your financial progress and know if you are on tract. When an investment does well, keep adding to it.
  • You should be able to trust the people managing your money. To that end, get to know your investment manager or managers.

Brad Reifler’s advice is based on personal experience as well as his professional expertise. Some years ago, he discovered the 529 college savings plan he had opened for his two daughters had lost money. Later, his father-in-law asked Brad to manage his life’s savings when he retired. Reifler soon found out that there was not enough money to meet government requirements for some investments that could have been very profitable.

Brad Reifler is committed to helping the average investor. He has decades of experience to draw on. He graduated from Bowdoin College after studying economics and political science. An entrepreneur at heart, Reifler founded his first company, Reifler Trading Company, in 1982. He is founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. Through Forefront, Reifler now focuses on providing financial guidance and education to middle-class investors.  Yahoo Finance reports Forefront Capital is well on their way to accomplishing that mission.

Wen By Chaz has Unique Ingredients that Make Your Hair Look Great

Wen hair by Chaz [] is a unique and highly effective hair care product. The product was recently tested by a woman who talked about her results. She tested this sephora endorsed product in a one week span in order to see just how effective this product really is. To her surprise the product worked very well and got her a lot of very good positive results. During the week she was seeing consistent improvement of her hair. She found her hair to look fuller, healthier and also shinier. As a result she looked better and therefore believes that this is a very good hair care product to use. Based on her results she says that this product is worthy buying due to the many benefits it offers to users.
Many people who have used Wen By Chaz Dean have reported a number of very positive effects. First this product gave their hair a shiny look which allowed it to look nicer and healthier at the same time. Using this product allowed their hair to be deeply cleansed and therefore it was free of more dirt and debris than other products they have used. The hair was also stronger and less likely to be damaged as a result. Users of Wen by Chaz have also reported their hair being easier to style. With all of these positive effects, Wen by Chaz is arguably among the top hair care products on the market.

When using Wen hair by Chaz you will be getting a multi formula to take care of your hair. Most hair care products come in the form of shampoos and conditioners. However Wen By Chaz offers users a five in one formula which includes cleansing, styling, nourishing and treating. With this product you will be able to wash and clean your hair as well as use it for other purposes. These other purposes include styling your hair more easily and also giving your hair nourishment to keep it in its best possible condition. Lastly this product offers consumers a way to treat their hair and repair it after it has been damaged.

Why The Midas Legacy is the Best at what it does

The Midas Legacy is an advisory firm that focuses on management of wealth, and its headquarters are in Winter Garden, Florida. Its clients include people who wish to retire early, private investors, growing entrepreneurs, anyone who would like to use natural cures to heal him or herself, and individuals who want healthier lives, peace, and happiness. The company operates with the primary objective of assisting its clients in achieving the kind of life that they would like to have. This is accomplished by funding members who portray the ability to create a positive change in sectors such as finance, real estate, natural health and entrepreneurship.

The company starts inducting the clients to the success as soon as they seek its services. The Midas Code, which is a free guide book, is provided to the customer when they become members of The Midas Legacy. The firm has experts, who give advice to its member on various industries. The professionals who work at the company include successful entrepreneurs, leading shareholders in the stock market and bestselling authors. All specialists at the organization work to ensure that the needs of all members are fulfilled.

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The chief experts at The Midas Legacy are Mark Edwards, who focuses on natural cures, Sean Bower, a principal editor, and Jim Samson, who is a professional publisher. Jim Samson is a successful business person, a renowned bestselling author, and an expert in real estate where he has a twenty years’ experience. Sean Bower is well informed about the finance industry and has been a business journalist for many years. With knowledge of the two fields, he can give helpful advice to members of The Midas Legacy on capital markets. Mr. Bower has been mentioned a couple of times in Japan’s Nikkei, Yahoo Finance and the International Business Markets. Mark Edward serves a principal specialist of natural health.

The Midas Legacy is a philanthropic organization and has been generously contributing to different kinds of charities. Community developments that have gained from the group’s donations include the Give Hope Foundation, which offers help to families that are struggling with childhood cancer in Central Florida. Another beneficiary is the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which is also funded to battle childhood cancer. The Midas Legacy is also a benefactor of the Florida Sheriff’s Association. The association has honored the firm as a Gold Business Member. Other institutions are the Wounded Warrior Project, the Salvation Army and the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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The Value of Helane Morrison

In recent news, one of the leading investment companies in culture as well as integrity is Hall Capital. Hall Capital is specifically one of the largest and most successful money managing investment firms. With many loyal clients, Hall Capital has over $24 billion that is circulating under Hall Capital’s management. The current CEO and leader of the company, Kathryn Hall believes that what makes this company so successful is not only the rate of return that this company receives, but also the overall equality of this company in regards to race and gender. The firm has had success in hiring individuals who have diverse backgrounds. These diverse backgrounds help the company do what they do best which is to make money.

The company was originally founded in 1994 with the mission of offering individuals with a unique way of investment that secured top returns for any investor. With the growth in total investment as well as the increase in website activity, now more than ever has shown the importance of a compliance officer to work with the company. What a compliance officer specifically does is to find any problem within the company and to fix the problem with as little issues as possible. With a reputation to uphold, there are even majors at Universities that now offer this career as a prized specialty. In this day and age, in order to keep a company in business, a compliance officer is needed to keep the company in check and out of trouble.

An example of one of the best compliance officers that there is is Helane Morrison of Hall Capital. Ms. Morrison has experience with working in both the private as well as the public sector and now is able to use her experience and knowledge to avoid any issues within her company. Ms. Morrison is currently the Chief Compliance Officer within this investment firm and is also a member of the firm’s executive community.

Initially, Ms. Morrison has a strong legal background and has been able to use it in order to help her new company. Ms. Morrison understands what precautions must be taken and understood in order to see that Hall Capital continues to be one of the best investment firms in the United States. With a legal and journalistic background, Ms. Morrison will continue to help her company and to help increase the total assets that this company possesses.

Your Hair Can Be Changed with Wen by Chaz

Cleaning your hair with conditioners is taking the world by storm and a lot of men and women are making the switch. Even a writer on Bustle recently wrote about her experience with cleansing conditioners and how they helped her fine and thin hair. Cleaning your hair with conditioner might not seem like it is the best thing and you might even wonder if your hair would be too oily after. The thing about using a good line is that this does not happen and can change your hair for the better.
One amazing line of cleansing conditioners is known as WEN by Chaz, and this is a brand you have more than likely seen on Youtube ads already before. Lots of people use Wen by Chaz because of the benefits that come from it. This brand allows them to thoroughly clean their hair and get it in the shape they want it to be. This means no longer having dry or damaged hair that you cannot do a thing with when styling. Instead, Wen by Chaz changes your hair and makes it more supple and gorgeous.

Another wonderful benefit about using Wen by Chaz Dean is that it helps your color in the hair to last a lot longer. If you get your hair dyed, you know how expensive it can be to continue with the coloring. If you are using a shampoo, you are essentially just washing the color down the drain and are not using something that protects it. This is why it is essential that you look into using the Wen line to see if it can work for you as it has for so many other people in the world. This brand is the top one for cleansing conditioners and is well worth the price of admission.

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Fix my online reputation!!

Every business needs online reputation management

I think we can all remember those days when the online reputation was involved in pacifying angry customers with apologies, a few phone calls, and involved in the handing out new products for exchange. With most business owners, simply exchanging items and products is no longer satisfying customers, this creating many challenges, especially when customers are watching the actions online the entire time. The solution to this problem is simply ORM (Online Reputation Management), there are many reasons why it is necessary to have internet reputation repair, and several
tips for using it. Online Reputation Management is no longer just used to fix bad search results, but is now focusing in the development of online strategies that has an influence on the way that customers perceive the brand that will create an impact that is positive

There are several reasons why some business owners may not invest in an online reputation repair service, but there are critical reasons why it is important for a business. These reasons include that it is difficult to control the extent of damage, it is easy for a customer in posting any type of message, especially when going with the negative. Difficult when controlling the damage that has been done, and brands that ignored the customer’s changing preferences have suffered. Also, according to, 68% of customers trust reviews that are posted online, and 86% of all buyers are influenced by negative reviews. There are eight reasons why you’d want to fix bad reviews, these reasons include that there is a lot riding on the customers reviews, word of mouth marketing can make or break a company’s brand, it has an impact on the bottom line, it has a global impact. Also included are that companies may have little to no time to come back from a negative review, it easy for competitors to earn some brownie points, employees and partners are also able to post negative comments, and there is very little control over what customers can and cannot say.

The Search Fixers is an online reputation management company that focuses in on not letting the negative press ruin an individuals business. All of their reputation management services are guaranteed and are preformed in-house by a US-based SEO specialists. The way that the company works is they will go in to search and fix negative comments within a companies search results, almost acting like damage control for a company. And during the first month, you will get a discount on using their services, and they provide a link found on the website to help contact them. With all of this information, the choice could not be easier in who to use to fix your online reputation.

Chaz Dean’s Wen

If you haven’t heard about Wen cleansing conditioner, it’s a cleansing solution from Chaz Dean. This is a hair care line is made with all natural ingredients and is made to be an all in one cleansing plus act as a styling treatment. Wen is a very popular product you can find at places like Sephora or straight from There was a recent article about Wen on where a young lady shares her experience with the product over the period of seven days. You can find that article here: articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened.
In the article she tells us how she has fine thin hair. When using WEN, the brand suggest that you use almost ten times the amount of product than you would for normal shampoo or conditioner. She was a little worried about that seeing as how she had such thin hair. She continues with the experiment anyways and over several days she notices an adequate change in her hair. She came to the conclusion that Wen was a good product for her, she just had to use it in the morning when she showered before she started her day or her hair would be greasy. Now, Everyone’s hair is different. The way this product worked for her may work different for you. All in all It is a great product, and I would recommend it to anyone no matter what your hair type is. They have many products available on EBay to fit your needs.


Healthcare Recruitment Counselors CEO Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin treats physical pain from injuries associated with sports and vehicle accidents along with neck, back and shoulder pain. He also treats headaches and misalignments that develop from everyday living. He has a practice on 2800 W. Dauphin St. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Torchin also runs his own Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) agency. He is the president and CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors LLC located at 1315 Walnut St. Suite 619, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107.

Torchin believes preparing individuals to work in the medical field is crucial. He does this through job advising, job appointment, verification of employees, and medical staffing operational goal. In other words, he works with qualified individuals to help them get a job. HCRC organizes interviews and helps every medical professional get a job. HCRC analyzes the current job market, contacts references and draws up contracts. Healthcare Recruitment Counselors LLC works with medical professionals in all 50 states along with Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Torchin, himself, specifically searches for outstanding chiropractors to help those who have back pain. This is because he has worked as a chiropractor. Torchin earned a bachelor of science in Exercise Science at the University of Delaware. In 1995, he graduated New York Chiropractic College with a DC, Chiropractic degree. He is a healthcare professional who specializes in physical therapy and sports medicine. He opened up a practice in Pennsylvania, but later on decided to expand on it.

Brian Torchin has a history of starting up and managing healthcare offices in Delaware, Florida, and in Pennsylvania. Eventually, Torchin began to staff his offices with MD/DC/PA and PTs. This provided the foundation to create Healthcare Recruitment Counselors LLC. He is a National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters Member and American Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters Member too.

Carl Wright of Wright Partners says, “Brian is straight-forward, honest, and reliable and knows how to use persistence to get things done. He’s driven, thorough and is a strong decision maker. He’s also a lot of fun to work with.”

NutriMost Is Not A One Size Fits All Diet Plan

NutriMost is a popular diet plan that is quickly growing in popularity and with good reason. They understand that pulling a diet plan out of a box is not going to really work. Instead of prescribing a one size fits all plan for each of their customers, they develop individual plans for each person. Under this plan, most people lose an average of five pounds of fat a week.
Nutrimost understands that it is important to treat the underlying causes and also the health issues that is caused by being overweight. They use state of the art technology to determine what the body needs to get back into balance. It is the lack of balance of the body which causes us to gain weight. Once the body is balanced, it will function properly and the fat will begin to melt away.

One of the great things about is that no medication is given to aid in the weight loss. There are also no meals that have to be bought or certain exercises that need to be performed. Instead, people are educated about their bodies and what their bodies need to function in a healthy manner. Patients are also taught how to maintain their weight. There is no gaining the weight back after the program is over. All plans are developed with the assistance of a doctor, which is another plus about this diet plan.

NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds