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The Midas Legacy is one of the recognized companies in the US. The company was started with the main aim of helping individuals in the country achieve lifetime goals. The Midas Legacy has its headquarters in the city of Florida, and it offers its services to people from all parts of the nation. The company also has different offices in other cities.

Investors who want to significantly improve their skills especially on money management get a lot of help from The Midas Legacy. If you are an entrepreneur who needs to make sure that your financial situation gets better, contacting the company will be of great help.

Midas Legacy on does not only offer its services to investors in the United States. Individuals who have problems concerning happiness, health, wealth can also get help from the institution. The company makes sure that it does all it can to improve the sense and well- being of all its clients.

Unlike most of the companies offering same services in the competitive market, The Midas Legacy offers its consumers a different package: it ensures that it focuses on everything concerning life. They do not only look at the clients’ money. Their greatest interest is what the client intents to do with the money. This explains why the company has remained on top despite the competition in the market.

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For entrepreneurs, The Midas Legacy will help the business to make the crucial decisions, especially those that concern the finances. Most people fail in business because of the choices they make with their finances in business. This institution ensures that its clients do not make these costly mistakes. At the end of the day, the businesses achieve a lot of success and offer employment to other people. With a good job, it is easy for someone to improve the quality of their lives.

The Midas Legacy works with different clients from all over the country. The company ensures that the clients who think outside the box have an opportunity to better their lives and at the same time make the globe a better place for everyone. The people employed by the institution are professionals who are well qualified and experienced. They will guide you when making tough decisions in life, ensuring that you are in the right track always. Working with these professionals will help you acquire important knowledge and discipline that will help in you in many aspects of life.

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Stephan Murray – Co-Founder and CEO Of CCMP Capital

Stephan Murray was the CEO and co-founder of CCMP Capital, a private equity investment and buyout company. He sadly passed away when was at the young age of 52 due to health related issues.

He had over thirty years of experience in the investment industry and helped build CCMP into the company that it was and is today. CCMP is a billion dollar revenue company that is a spin off of JP Morgan Chase.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital started college in 1984 and attended Boston College where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Economics. He went on to get a job as a credit analyst for a training program provided by Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He worked there while he attended Columbia Business School when he obtained his Master’s degree in Business Administration and graduated in 1989.

During that year, he joined MH Equity Corporation which was a combined company with Manufacturers Hanover. Chemical Bank made the choice to purchase Manufacturers Hanovers in 1991 and MH Equity merged with Chemical Venture Partners.

In 1996, Chemical Bank joined Chase Manhattan Corporation and in 1996 Chemical Venture Partners made the choice to become Chase Capital Partners. Murray was the co-founder of CCMP Capital at first in 2006. In 2007, he was named the CEO of CCMP Capital, which was a subsidiary of investment companies throughout the years.

They all had taken a part to join together and create a prominent investment firm. Murray took part in serving on the board of some major companies including Aramark, Generac Power Systems, Cabela’s and Legacy Hospital Partners.

Murray was also an avid philanthropist and took great joy in taking part and making positive actions within the community. He was a faithful member to the Make A Wish Foundation along with Boston College and Columbia Business School, both of which he had previous ties to.

He was active as the vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College and took part in serving as a member on the chairman’s council of the Make A Wish Foundation in Metro New York. The experience and knowledge that Murray brought to each company goes beyond the ordinary measure.

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He ill be greatly missed by the staff and executive team at CCMP Capital, however, they are glad that they had the pleasure of learning some of the industries greatest charms through Murray. His work, ethic and generosity to the community will be remembered forever.

College Savings Bank Acquired by Dallas Based Firm

College Savings Bank, which specializes in 529-Savings programs, was acquired by Nexbank on August 15, 2015. Nexbank is a leading regional bank based out of Dallas, Texas. College Savings Bank is based out of Princeton, New Jersey, and according to the press release will keep its name. John Holt, the CEO of Nexbank Capital, said the move was important to the company’s global funding strategy. Holt also said the College Savings Bank will keep its branding and maintain its current operations.

Mr. Holt stated that the acquisition was a winning move for both companies, and that his company will put forth a strong platform that serves the needs of families trying to save for college. Since 1987, College Savings Bank worked in tandem with parents who were preparing their children for higher education.

Nexbank SSB is a division of Nexbank Capital, which is a financial services institution with three core divisions: Mortgage banking, investment banking and commercial banking. Nexbank Capital works with individuals and corporations from across the globe. Nexbank SSB offers a wide range of banking products and services that include treasury management, correspondent lending, credit services and warehouse lending. Nexbank also specializes in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and capital restructuring.


New Hair With Wen by Chaz Dean

For most of my life I’ve wondered what it would be like to have lovely, lustrous locks of fluffy, shiny hair that tosses about beautifully in the breeze. Sadly, I must admit I don’t know what it would be like to have that kind of beautiful and manageable hair. I’m a hair outcast, and yes, it’s a bit of a sad story.
The fact is that my hair is very oily, and the heaviness of the oil weighs my hair down making it flat and lank. It’s impossible to style or do much of anything with it, which is why I often feel stuck when it comes to doing anything new with my hair. I got so frustrated with it all I recently wrote an article about my situation on

I was completely fed up with my hair difficulties and I’d pretty much given up on it, until I heard about a new product line called WEN hair by Chaz. Chaz Dean launched this shampoo and conditioner line when he heard many of his salon clients talking about their haircare issues, and it’s been a popular brand.

I tried the Amazon best selling Sweet Almond Mint scent, and it smells fantastic. It’s very natural and organic, so your hair doesn’t get full of unnatural chemicals when you wash. I used a large amount of the product, as directed, for every washing, and within a few days my hair was light and fluffy, and friends were complimenting me.

I love how my hair feels now. Wen hair by Chaz makes me feel like a new version of me, and I’m very happy with this hair care line. I’ll be using more of the scents in the weeks to come. Thank you Wen by Chaz! Visit their official online website, and Sephora cosmetics for more details and products today.


NutriMost Files Law Suit Against Healthy Living Over Theft of Video

Healthy Living, a rival weight loss company to NutriMost, allegedly stole a promotional video from NutriMost. After Healthy Living failed to abide by a cease-and-desist letter sent last September regarding the use of the promotional video, NutriMost has now taken further action to file a law suit against Healthy Living. NutriMost hopes their efforts will bar Healthy Living from being able to use the promotional video in the future. They also hope to be awarded a minimum of $300,000 as compensation for the theft and damage to NutriMost’s “goodwill and reputation.”

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video
NutriMost is known for their ultimate fat loss system that empowers patients to lose 20 to 40 pounds within a 40 day time span. For those that follow the program the results are said to last as NutriMost resets the metabolism and weight set point. There are several patient testimonies that support what NutriMost markets. Dr. Rob Vasquez from San Antonio for example said he lost 35 pound in 40 days with the NutriMost fat loss system. Other patients found that NutriMost did more than assist in weight loss. Gene Sheller shared that NutriMost not only helped him lose over 80 pounds, but that he was no longer diabetic and no longer had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or sleep apnea. Other medical conditions that patients have claimed to see improvements with include chronic pain, psoriasis, and low energy. The large success of NutriMost can be attributed to the way the weight low system is tailored for each individual that participates in the program.

The Mendacious Activities of Global Tel. Link Get Exposed by Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is a front runner in the provision of inmate communication solutions that is based in Dallas, Texas. The company’s major customers are the criminal and civil justice facilities that are located in the northern region of the United States. Its services are vital to approximately 1.2 million convicts who are held in 3450 correctional facilities in America. The company is hired to provide technology for biometric analysis, examination of goods and service, self-service for inmates, emergency response, public information, incident management, and data management. It is dictated to connecting convicts with their loved ones and making the world a better place.

Securus as a company has always been devoted to offering outstanding products and services to its client. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Richard Smith, believes that the inmate communication industry’s mission of providing excellent solutions to correctional facilities should be made a priority by all companies that are in the sector. According to him, all organizations should jointly work towards maintaining the good reputation of the industry. Global Tel. Link has in the past been dishonest in while providing its services and as a way of shaming it, Securus Technologies announced that they would be offering discoveries, evidence, and reports on GTL’s misconducts.

The first series of article that Securus plans to issue via the press will have seventeen pages long official report (Order Number U-20784-B) that was published by the Public Service Commission of Louisiana to explain the wrongdoings of GTL when it was contracted to serve the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The information on the article shows how the GTL adjusted its telephone clocks to add 15 to 36 seconds on all calls. The company also inflated the calling rates past what was acceptable to PSC by double billing calls and imposing extra charges on the calls. The company dishonestly received 1.243 million from the Louisiana.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Top Reasons why People in Co-working Spaces Thrive | Workville NYC

The demand for co-working spaces is currently on a rise. According to the Harvard Business Review, this rise has a correlation with performance. Researchers who conducted a review on the impact of shared working spaces on the performance of employees found out that such employees performed a point better than those working in traditional offices. Here are some reasons why employees might thrive in co-working spaces.

Increased Job Control
Employees who work in co-working spaces have more control over their jobs. They can easily design work schedules and the work environment to what works best for them. With shared working spaces, there are no restrictions as to when one can access the office. Therefore, one can easily work during hours when they are most productive. Also, one can choose an environment that encourages them to work more, whether quiet or with other people who have similar skills.

Increased Collaboration
Co-working spaces increase collaboration between employees. People with similar skills can work together and share ideas without worrying about internal competition. Additionally, one can acquire more skills by interacting with people possessing different skills.

Sense of Belonging
Individuals who work in co-working spaces feel as a part of a larger community. They are able to express themselves in this communities without worrying about putting up a show just to fit in. this communities reduce the boredom of working along. And, the great thing is that in this community, employees are not forced into relationships. Employees here have a choice. They can choose who to interact and not to interact with.

Increased Meaningfulness of Work
Co-working spaces increase the amount of work meaningfulness. This is because, different individuals possess different skills and talent, working for different companies. This means that each individual puts more meaning to their work as there is no internal politics involved.

Bottom Line
Co-working spaces brings out the best in employees. However, discipline is crucial when working in such an environment. Without discipline, employees in co-working spaces might end up achieving nothing.

Workville NYC
Workville coworking space NYC is a great choice. Their offices are located on the 21st floor of the Luxury Building in Building. To match the varying customer needs, they have three different shared working spaces localities. They have spaces nearing transportation hubs, at the Bryant Park and at Union Square.

Learning to Have a Better Life Through the Midas Legacy

Based out of Winter Garden, Florida, the Midas Legacy is a consultancy firm that focuses on wealth management. This company focuses on helping individuals who want to better their lives through sound investments and natural cures. The Midas Legacy seeks to help people develop positive changes in their lives through natural health, real estate, entrepreneurship and finance.

Beginning the Process

The first step in the process is the initial consultation. New clients are automatically given a free book called “the Midas Code.” This book is a guide to ways to develop a happier, more peaceful and wealthier life. Written by expert financial managers, this guide is just the beginning of the process. Throughout the consultation, individuals work with experts at The Midas Legacy to figure out new ways to accomplish their dreams and become successful.

Operated as a research services company, The Midas Legacy focuses primarily on advising about wealth accumulation and growth. Basically, his company helps any investor learn how to manage their money and retire comfortably. Financial management can impact all aspects of daily life. To have a happy, peaceful and secure life, individuals must learn how to develop their financial health.

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Retirement Calculator

Midas Legacy – About Us

Giving Back to the Community

As part of their goal to make a better world, the Midas Legacy focuses on giving back to the community. This group donates to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Salvation Army, the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Wounded Warrior Project. They also donate to the Give Hope Foundation, which seeks to fight childhood cancer and other diseases. In addition, the Midas Legacy is listed as a Gold Business Member for their contributions to the Florida Sheriffs Association.

Expert Advise for Long-Term Growth

Investors constantly turn to the Midas Legacy because of their expertise in the industry. The natural cures staff is led by expert Mark Edwards. Meanwhile, bestselling writer and entrepreneur Jim Samson leads the financial and real estate consulting practice. Swanson also serves as the publisher of the Midas Legacy’s publications. Other staff members include financial expert Sean Bower. Previously, Bower has been cited in the International Business Times, Yahoo Finance and the Japanese Nikkei for his financial insights.

An estimated one out of three Americans do not have anything saved for their retirement. The best time to begin financial planning is the present. With time, a small initial investment can quickly grow to a significant nest egg. Through the Midas Legacy, individuals can gain financial stability and enhanced wealth management.

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Treating Cancer Using ADC Technology

If you have been following the news and progress on cancer treatment, you probably know who Clay Siegall is. Siegall is the founder as well as the CEO of Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics, for those who do not know it, is one of the most reputable companies in the industry of biotechnology and biomedicine. It is a company which has dedicated their time and money on research and cancer therapies. The company is not only managed by a team of experts in the scientific industry but also has an able board of directors. Mr. Siegall is also the chairman of the board of directors.

Mr. Siegall is known for being an entrepreneur but he is also a professional in the area of science. He is a trained scientist as well as a researcher. His area of research and development is therapies but he is also interested and spends a lot of time on drug research and innovation. One of the reasons why the Seattle Genetics company is recognized presently is because of the innovative research they have done which has led to the development of a new technology known as ADC.

ADC is a cancer treatment method which has been developed to ensure that cancer is treated well. Patients can now be able to handle the side effects of chemotherapy well after their therapy sessions. This has been made possible by ensuring that the cancer killing agents which are used in the treatment of cancer do not affect the normal as well as healthy body cells. Instead, they will only kill the cancerous cells and leave the others unharmed. This way, the toxic effects of chemotherapy will be brought to a minimum.

When treating cancer patients, there needs to be patience, love and understanding. This is one thing which Seattle Genetics know too well. Their team is passionate about what they do and they have patients at the back of their minds when developing any technologies to help treat the disease. They are also led by a very strong work ethic, teamwork and good management. Their CEO has also be en recognised and awarded for his efforts both as a scientist and an entrepreneur.

Securus Technologies, Monitoring Life So You Don’t Have To

Securus Technologies is a leader in the industry. They have demonstrated the ability to produce robust and consistent results. The reports released by PR Newswire about Securus are imperative to promoting compliance with procedure amongst corporations monitored by Securus Technologies criminal and civil justice technology solutions. Keeping track of, monitoring, and maintaining accountability for the information that powers today’s mega firms and businesses is not an easy task. The professionals at Securus Technologies understand this and have the ability to locate and identify integrity breaches and other potential wrong doings.

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves over 3,400 law enforcement and corrections agencies amongst others. They boast an A+ accreditation from the BBB. Having someone committed to making sure that hidden fees and charges don’t rob taxpayers is a most admirable business that contributes a much-needed service in society today. Providing the public with a piece of mind that lets them know somebody is protecting the investment of the people is what it is all about. No matter if you are a small or large company looking for criminal and civil justice technology solutions then you need to Securus Technologies.

Through responsible reporting and monitoring of public business practices, a balance of compliancy and order can be maintained. This is made possible thanks to the dedicated and professional services that are found at Securus Technologies. Serving the public, protecting their best interest and helping the people to be confident that their tax dollars and more aren’t being misallocated or inappropriately charged.

When you want the world you live in to be a safer world you need the confidence that comes from implementing Securus America Technologies.

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