Joseph Bismark: The Use of His Social Network


Social Networks can be a very valuable tool for business and spirituality. I have read how Joseph Bismark has utilized this tool on the “Newsom Thing Was Going on” WordPress blog. He has used social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, his personal website and blog to publish his works and philosophy. He shares many of his ideas with people on his social media tools. He has put to good use the many tools for spreading the word about the truth. He has something to say on every aspect of life. He does not neglect one aspect of life for another. For instance, while he is a believer in spirituality, he does stress the importance of being physically and mentally healthy as well as spiritually healthy. In fact he runs a company dedicated to improving physical health. 

He also shares his experiences as a monk during his childhood and all that he has learned throughout the years living in the mountains. He was greatly influenced by the philosophy that he has learned during his time as a monk. He is more than happy to share these ideas with anyone who will listen. Many people he has shared these truths with have at least given them some consideration. Those who have applied what they have learned from him have made changes to their lives beyond what they could have imagined. 

Joseph Bismark continues to grow and seek out new projects that will bring even greater fulfillment. He not only teaches spiritual concepts, but he also teaches physical activities such as martial arts. Martial arts is one of the disciplines that often try to combine spirituality with physicality. As a matter of fact, with martial arts, the goal is very often self mastery. Joseph Bismark is an example of self mastery and he intends to bring this example to others.

Mark Wahlberg Reunites With New Kids On The Block

Long before Mark Wahlberg was a Hollywood celebrity, he began his entertainment career in rap. People who grew up in the 1990s remember that Mark Wahlberg was the leader of the hip-hop group New Kids on the Block. However, Mark Wahlberg quickly left the group for a career in acting. Apparently, Mark Wahlberg did not forget his roots, and he recently made a cameo at a New Kids on the Block concert that took place in Madison Square Garden.

Mark Wahlberg did not sing any of his hit songs, but he was there to support his brother Donnie Wahlberg. Nonetheless, everybody remembers the hit song ‘Good Vibrations,’ and it’s nice to see that Mark Wahlberg hasn’t forgotten where he came from. E! recently posted a video that shows Mark Wahlberg reuniting with the legendary rap group.

50 cent was at the venue as well, and spokespeople at Beneful said it was his idea for Mark Wahlberg to reunite with his former band members. It should also be noted that Mark Wahlberg is currently on a press tour for ‘Ted 2,’ and it seems that he is having the time of his life. Mark Wahlberg is worth over a hundred million dollars, but I fear that his former band members are nearly broke these days. Mark Wahlberg is the only true superstar from New Kids on the Block, but I’m sure that his brother Donnie is enjoying Mark’s amazing success.

Google Trying to Undercut Apple Music Launch With One of Their Own?

As with all Apple product or service launches, there is much buzz and hype around the upcoming release of Apple Music. This is a direct attempt for this tech giant to cut into the market share of the likes of Spotify and Pandora. Apple Music will try to pull in new users with a free three month membership, which will give anyone more than enough time to check it out and see if it’s a keeper. After this, its monthly fee will be $9.99. It will be available in over 100 countries, and it will launch on June 30.

Google is not just going to sit on the sidelines. They are letting the world know that they have a music streaming service as well in the form of Google Play Music. Google is launching an ad supported free version of this established streaming service in an attempt to undercut Apple’s upcoming streaming service launch. Google certainly wouldn’t mind if this new free part of Play Music pulls away any existing users of Spotify or Pandora either. In this article Ivan Ong reveals, their free service will not let users pick a specific song but only playlists that are selected through Songza, a start-up that Google recently acquired. This free version will function, therefore, a lot like Pandora and its radio stations of different genres and moods of music. The big downside of Play Music for Google is that it is only available in fewer than two dozen countries, so Apple Music will clobber them internationally.

Eddie Van Halen Angry With David Lee Roth

Eddie Van Halen is one of the greatest guitarist of all time, and he is part of the legendary rock group Van Halen. For those of you that don’t know, Van Halen rocked the world in the late seventies, and the band is considered one of the best rock groups of all time. However, Van Halen broke up several times, and it was because of the differences between David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen. Over the course of the last few years, Van Halen has been teasing a comeback, and it seems that the band is actually back together.

Van Halen has been on tour for the last several weeks, and the legendary group has performed on the Jimmy Kimmel show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen appear to have that same great chemistry that made them world famous, but there are several rumors that indicate a possible rift between Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth already.

Rollingstone recently caught up with Eddie Van Halen, and the rock guitarist had some very disrespectful words for David Lee Roth. Eddie Van Halen said that David Lee Roth thinks he’s still twenty, and Eddie Van Halen also said that David Lee Roth needs to get back to reality. Some of Eddie Van Halen’s words are true, but David Lee Roth is known as one of the most energetic front men of all time. In a LinkedIn correspondence James Dondero noted that he doubts that Roth would change his style now. It’s a sad thing to hear negative words being spoken about the band already. It’s been a long time coming for a reunion show. Sadly, I’m not so sure that Van Halen will stick together until the end of their summer tour.

Little Big Town on Break

Fans of the country group Little Big Town may be in for a bit of disappointment in the upcoming days. It seems that the band is being forced to postpone or cancel their tour dates in light of a health issue that has come up for one of their members. Jimi Westbrook is going to be undergoing surgery soon, and that means that the whole group needs to take a break for a time in order to allow him to get the procedure taken care of and to heal up when it is finished.

Jimi Westbrook will have a surgery done next week that will remove a polyp from his vocal cord. As a singer this is something that he needs to have done and something that he needs to break for. Fans at Boraie Development know that this means that Little Big Town will be taking a bit of a break, and this can be hard news for those who were planning on seeing the group perform in the near future.

The Best that Went On at CMA Music Fest 2015

What happens at a country music festival? What all goes on when some of the biggest country artists come together to perform for some of their biggest fans? If you would like to know what you missed when it comes to CMA Music Fest 2015 then you are in luck. Fans like Brad Reifler ( know that you can check out some of the best moments from the festival.

There is a list out that features thirty of the best moments from the 2015 CMA Music Fest. If you are a country music fan and you missed the festival then this list is something that you will find interesting and entertaining. The list features good things that happened, bad things that happened, and more. This list shares some of the biggest moments from a very fun music festival, and it is something that country fans everywhere will enjoy checking out and reading through.

Jurassic World Breaks Box Office Records

Jurassic Park is quite possibly one of the most loved films of the 90s due to the amazing effects, sets, and action that was so forward moving at the time. Jurassic Park really did raise the bar for visual effects in Hollywood with the amazing creations in this movie. Everyone who had heard of the release of Jurassic World knew that this was going to be a big release, but no one was ready for the box office shattering records. Buzz Feed reports that Jurassic World was the most success box office premiere of all time. With 511 Million dollars of box office success worldwide, Jurassic world really did create some amazing success.

A big reason why this film was so successful financially is due to the high prices of 3D movie tickets, and also the price of Imax tickets says box office mojo CipherCloud about why possibly JW did so well. This doesn’t downplay the amazing nature of this film however, as this is a very masterful film.

Hitting High Notes in the Pop World

Mariah may not want to face it, but she is getting older. She can’t always belt out those high notes that made her famous. Luckily, there is a new wave of younger singers that can belt out those high notes. The downside to this is that most people don’t know half of these artists.

The music game is such a big industry as Paul Mathieson has written before. There are songwriters that have great lyrics that are overlooked. There are singers like Grimes that that are not mainstream that can fire up her vocals with a whistle pitched sound that would make Mariah blush.

There are also singers that are much more well known like Haley Williams that can also produce high pitched sounds. The difference, however, is that Haley doesn’t really use this talent. It’s there (YouTube videos are in place to verify it), but she rarely uses this when she sings. That is different from singers like Mariah who depend on the high vocal registry. Mariah has used this high pitch in several songs. It has become her signature, but she hasn’t always been able to hit in in recent years.

Another singer that can hit the high notes is Ariana Grande. This is the obvious predecessor for Carey. Grande is young and bubbly. She has the high notes and the crossover appeal. She has the added advantage of being able to act. This is Mariah’s best competition.

Mariah Carey Calls “American Idol” Fake

Pop diva Mariah Carey is a former judge for the Fox singing reality show “American Idol”. She spent one season on the show where she judged singing hopefuls with fellow judges Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson, and Keith Urban. Recently, Mariah visited the popular Australian radio show “Kyle and Jackie O” where she shared her opinions about being a judge on the show.

According to the story on The Huffington Post, it seems as though the diva will hold nothing back when it comes to discussing her experience on the program. She told the radio show that it was one of the worst experiences of her life. She also hinted that the famous feud between her and fellow judge Nicki Minaj was fabricated for dramatic effect. Mariah said that the show should have been about the contestants, not pitting the judges against each other. The “Infinity” singer also claimed that the show was fake and judges had to make up things to say to regarding the contestant’s performance.

No matter how you cut it, it is still a reality show in the end, and Amen Clinics knows this. I think that the network will do what they need to get the ratings they want, which includes fabricated feuds between the celebrity judges. It is disappointing though that the contestants are no longer the focus, like they should be.

Nicki Minaj Is Still Young

Nicki Minaj reminds fans that even though she is over 30 that she is still young in the “Night is Still Young” video that features boyfriend Meek Mill.

The ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj must clearly be sick because he was always in the background. It is like the former husband of Janet Jackson, Rene, that many people did not know about until the couple divorced. With Meek Mill there seems to be no confusion. She is doing songs with him and she is all huddled up with this former convict/ rapper in her new video. Flavio Maluf likes this new side of her.

It is a salute to the 30 is the new 20 theory that a lot of older rappers are trying to enforce. Nicki is in a playful mode in this video, and she appears to just be having fun. This is just another stage of Nicki that she always seems to throw out there for the fans. There is the serious battle rap persona that she holds on to. There is the vulnerable bad relationship stage that she dives into at some point with the album. The “Night is Still Young,” however, takes fans into the happy-go-lucky stage of Nicki Minaj. For the first time in a long time Nicki really does look like she is happy with her boyfriend. This could be a game changer in terms of the type of music that she writes in the future.